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This is How to Copy Playlist on Spotify

This is How to copy Playlist on Spotify;- You’re out of luck if you’re listening to someone else’s playlist and wish a particular song wasn’t there or included. You cannot alter the Spotify playlists of other people unless it’s collaborative.

However, you may duplicate every song from one playlist into another that you can edit. While this is essentially the same as merging or combining playlists, you may also simply duplicate a playlist if that’s what you want to do. Here’s how to replicate a Spotify playlist.

How to copy Playlist on Spotify

How to copy Playlist on Spotify

  • Open the Spotify desktop application to copy a Spotify playlist.
  • Go to the playlist you want to copy,
  • Hit CTRL+A to select all of the songs,
  • Then right-click the songs you want to copy,
  • Place your cursor over Add to Playlist, and then select Create Playlist.

Go to the playlist, press, and then choose Add to other playlist on Android and iOS. Select the green New Playlist button at the top to duplicate that playlist.

Moving around your favorite tunes is made much easier by being able to clone playlists. Imagine, for instance, that you are joined to a family plan and must switch to a new account. Not all of your stored playlists or Liked Songs will be available in the new account.

Playlist On Spotify
Playlist On Spotify

You can copy the playlists from your old account to a new one on your new account if you make the playlists on your old account public. For Liked Songs, the same principle applies.

The best way to duplicate a Spotify playlist (desktop)

Help! I am unable to choose more than one song from a shared playlist.

You can, indeed. To do so, within that playlist, hit your keyboard’s CTRL+A or Command+A keys. This will make each song stand out. Since this only functions on PCs, you would only be unable to accomplish this if you were not using Spotify’s desktop application.

  • Go to the playlist you wish to copy in the Spotify desktop app.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to highlight every song in that playlist.
  • Everything on Spotify, including Liked Songs, playlists, albums, artist sites, and more, can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A. You are able to highlight each and every item on that page.
  • Last but not least, right-click anywhere on the tracks that have been highlighted and then select Add to playlist. To create a copy of that playlist, select Create playlist from the expanded menu.

Note that the “Create playlist” button has recently taken the position of this “Add to new playlist” button.

The best way to duplicate a Spotify playlist (Android & iOS)

  • Go to the playlist you wish to copy in the Spotify mobile app.
  • Tap Add to other playlist after pressing the icon next to the playlist’s title.
  • Add to a different playlist
  • Click the New Playlist button at the top of the following page.
  • You can do this to make a duplicate of that playlist.


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