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Samantha Lewes; Tom Hanks’ Divorce and Cause of death

In this post You will Find Full details Samantha Lewes; Tom Hanks’ Divorce and Cause of death, How well-versed are you in Tom Hanks’ first marriage? Tom Hanks’ first wife before his committed union with Rita Wilson was Samantha Lewes.

She was a gifted actress who seamlessly blended her intelligence and attractiveness to command the full attention of her audience. Although Samantha didn’t win many accolades, she was nonetheless a remarkable achiever.

She dazzled the screens with her exceptional acting abilities in a number of sitcoms in addition to being the ex-wife of the most well-known movie actor. The native Californian was cast in a number of movies, some of which also starred her ex-husband Tom Hanks.

Samantha Lewes: Who is she?

On November 29, 1952, in San Diego, California, Samantha Lewes was born and given the name Susan Jane Dillingham by her parents, John Raymond Dillingham and Harriet Hall Dillingham. She was a very reserved person, and few people were aware of her early years.

Her mother taught elementary school English and also served as an exchange teacher for a year in England. John Raymond Dillingham, her father, was a US Marine who saw action in the Vietnam War, World War II, and the Korean War. He was given the purple heart award for his 26 years of military service.

Samantha’s family’s circumstances were not good because her parents divorced, leaving her mother to raise Samantha by herself. Lewes lived in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Virginia during her formative years. Her mother relocated her family to Northern California to be closer to her brother David after the split.

Samantha Lewes, an actress, was Tom Hanks’ former spouse. During her marriage to Tom, she gave birth to Colin Hanks in 1977 and to Elizabeth Hanks in 1979. Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks met in college and fell in love. When Lewes was only 25 years old and Tom was 21 years old, they got married. They encountered difficulties as a young marriage that forced them to rely on a fragmentary diet.


Lewes tried acting and did well in the beginning. She was a talented actress who made appearances in the 1984 film Mr. Success and an episode of the ABC sitcom Bosom Buddies in 1981.

One of the few photogenic celebs, Samantha drew attention from her followers with her charming grin. She raised the bar for photography and touched many hearts with her stunning smile and compelling images. You become mesmerized by the visuals in Samantha Lewes photos.

Marriage tale

In 1979, after first meeting in Sacramento while they were both acting students, Tom Hanks wed Samantha Lewes. The couple began living apart in 1984 as a result of misunderstandings and issues, which were the main causes of their breakup.

They eventually divorced in 1987, after which they each went their separate ways. Tom Hanks claims that he got divorced because he married too young out of loneliness and because it was too soon to shoulder more responsibility.

Samantha Lewes’ Cause of death

Bone cancer was found to be the cause of Samantha Lewes’ death following a regular examination. As it had reached her lungs and brain, she only had a few months to live. When the doctors could only treat her discomfort, she sensed a loss of health.

On March 12th, 2002, Lewes passed away in Sacramento, California, at the age of 49. Tom Hanks was upset by this information despite being divorced from her. Despite their conflicts, he continued to care for her and the children they had together. Samantha made sure that her legacy endured even after she passed away.

Samantha Lewes, a former actress, is no longer with us, yet her memories live on in many people’s hearts. She was an accomplished actress as well as a loving mother. Up till the time of her death, Lewes waged a terrible battle with cancer. Even after she passed away, her fans continue to honor her life and all the good she done.

In 1978, Samantha married Tom Hanks, who would later become one of the biggest movie stars in the world. The couple had two children together, Elizabeth Ann Hanks and Colin Hanks, who both followed in their parents’ footsteps and pursued careers in the entertainment industry.

While Samantha was not as well-known as her husband, she was a talented actress in her own right, and her performances in various roles were praised by both audiences and critics alike. She had a natural talent for acting and was admired for her ability to bring her characters to life on the big screen.

Despite her successes in the industry, Samantha’s life was not without its challenges. She and Tom Hanks divorced in 1987, after almost a decade of marriage. Their split was reportedly amicable, and they both continued to co-parent their children.

Tragically, Samantha’s life was cut short in 2002 when she passed away at the age of 49. The exact cause of her death is not widely known, but it is believed to have been due to complications from bone cancer.

Samantha’s legacy lives on through her children and her work as an actress. She was a talented performer who made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, and her contributions will not be forgotten.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, Samantha Lewes was a talented actress whose life was cut short far too soon. Her performances on the big and small screen were memorable, and her contributions to the entertainment industry will be remembered for years to come. While she may be gone, her legacy lives on through her children and her work, which will continue to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

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