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(PYEI) Phase 3 Presidential Youth Employment Initiative III On April

(PYEI) Phase 3 Presidential Youth Employment Initiative III On April, DBE Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) Phase III To Commence by April;- The South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) is pleased to confirm that Phase III of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) in the Basic Education sector will commence from 1 April 2022.

 (PYEI) Phase 3 Presidential Youth Employment Initiative

Phase II of the PYEI in the Basic Education sector has been implemented since 1 November 2021. The current cohort of +1- 280 000 Assistants are on a five-months contract. which will expire on 31 March 2022.

To ensure continuity. To ensure continuity and stability in schools, youth who were appointed as teachers at schools on 28 February 2022 will be offered fixed-term contracts that run from 1 April 2022 to 30 August 2022.

DBE Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI)

The department needed to assess the availability of assistants for schools, as well as their budgetary requirements. Some candidates did not meet the criteria to continue in the program. Therefore, Phase III will not be open for everyone.

The youth will be notified of their exit. The Department will offer exit packages through eCubed Technologies, which could include information about how to create a CV, a service letter and other opportunities the youth might have access to.

Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (Pyei) Phase 3
Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (Pyei) Phase 3

It is important to note that many of the youth who were part of the initial cohort in Phase I or II have found work elsewhere. They either enrolled for further education or quit the program to pursue other opportunities.

In this respect, the PYEI is successful. One of its mandates was to create pathways for youth success and further opportunities.

eligible for Phase III

To be eligible for Phase III, all schools must complete and submit details about the youth who meet the requirements. The Provincial Education Department (PEDs) provides a type-form for this purpose. It is mandatory that you complete the type-form.

All schools must have their assistants recorded on the National Data Management System, (DMS), as this is the official reporting and management system. Bhelela Technologies is being acknowledged by the systems department for providing this data management software at no cost to sector.

Youth who remain in the programme will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned through Phase II training. Support teaching and learning at our schools.

The 2022 academic year will end on 17 March 2022 in inland schools, and 24 March 2022 in coastal schools. PEDs must immediately inform schools about the end of Phase II contracts for Assistants and the beginning of Phase III contracts. PEDs should send circulars to schools and provide all documents necessary for Phase III. This will provide youth with certainty.

The Department accepted the challenge of helping to mitigate the devastating effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic in volatile complex and ambiguous situations. They quickly adopted and implemented a business-unusual approach to reach the twin goals of saving the education sector and providing needed employment for youth.

This initiative was executed within strict timelines and with great efficiency. The Department would like to recognize the contributions of partner SA youth mobi to the efficient recruitment processes for the youth in both Phase I and 2.

The sector was not obligated to pay for this partnership. This initiative has helped government to move towards a post COVID-19 future and has placed the Basic Education Sector in a position to address systemic sectorial problems.

This initiative helped the sector by giving schools the ability to manage the COVID-19 impact on schooling. It also supported teachers and learners in the classrooms. The Basic Education Sector is currently repositioning, reimagining and re-booting the future beyond COVID-19.

The Department also wants to thank the partners who are tirelessly working in training Assistants in the identified priority sectors: Mathematics, Science and Technology. BCM subjects, Reading and Literary For Reading Champions, eCadres — ICT integration in classrooms; Handymen/women-infrastructure maintenance. Child and Youth Care Workers — Psychosocial support for learners and Sport and enrichment.

All young graduates who are successful should adhere to all conditions for their employment and cooperate with the school principals to which they report.

The Department would like to thank the Provincial Education Departments for their support in implementing the Presidential Programme in Phase I and 2. Districts, Circuits, School Management Teams. School Governing Bodies. teachers. The learners, the whole schooling community, the communities and the assistants.


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