Nafasi Za Kujiunga Na Jeshi JWTZ 2023 ajira jwtz 2023

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Tanzania National Defense Force

Opportunities To Join The Army

1. The National Defense Force of Tanzania announces opportunities to join the army for young Tanzanians with education from the fourth form to a master’s degree who have completed the voluntary training contract and returned home.

Applicant Qualifications

2. Tanzanian youth who are interested in enlisting in the army should have the following qualifications:-

  • A. Be a Tanzanian citizen by birth with a national identity card.
  • B. Must be 18 to 26 years old for those with a fourth to sixth form education and no more than 27 years old for those with a higher education.
  • C. Have good health and sound mind.
  • D. Be a Tanzanian with good character and discipline, He has not been found guilty of criminal offenses in court and imprisoned.
  • E. Have an Original Birth Certificate, School Certificates and Professional Certificates.

If he has not served in the Police Force, Prisons, Training College or Special Anti-Smuggling Force (Kmkm).

  • G. should not be married or married.

H.awe has graduated from the Army Training for Nation Building with a two (2) year volunteer contract and was awarded a certificate. Those JKT youths in the camps who already have qualifications, their enrollment process is different from the youths in the homes to whom this announcement is concerned.

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Application Procedure

3. All applications must be handwritten and submitted to the Dodoma Army Headquarters from the date of this announcement until March 20, 2023 with the following attachments:-

  • A. a copy of the National Identity Card or Nida Number.
  • B. Copy of Birth Certificate, School and College Certificates.
  • C. a copy of the certificate of Jkt.
  • D. Applicant’s Mobile Number.

Applications should be sent to the following address

4.a. Chief of Staff,

Army Headquarters,

PO Box 194,

Dodoma, Tanzania.


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