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Mshahara wa Fei Toto Yanga (Feisal Salum Salary) 2023

When they learned how much Feisal Salub makes at Yanga Sc, which many feel is extremely little given the star service at the club, many football fans’ mouths dropped open. According to reports, Toto received a salary of 4 million Tanzanian shillings, which is far too little for a player of his caliber and commitment to the team.  fei toto mshahara wake

2023 Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum

Feisal Salum is being paid about 16 million Tanzanian shillings per month to play for Azam Fc, who is said to have already obtained the star’s signature from Zanzibar, according to several stories making the rounds on social media. Feisali Salumu may now claim the title of highest-paid Tanzanian player in the NBC Premier League thanks to a wager.

Fei Toto
Fei Toto

International Career

Fei Toto has also had a successful international career, representing both Zanzibar and Tanzania at various tournaments. He made his international debut for Zanzibar in 2017 and has since played five matches for the team. In 2018, Fei Toto made his debut for the Tanzanian national team and has since scored 12 goals in 35 appearances.

Net Worth

Fei Toto’s net worth is not publicly known, but he is believed to earn a decent salary as a professional footballer. As one of the top players in the Tanzanian football scene, he is likely to have several endorsements and sponsorship deals.

Wikipedia & Instagram

Fei Toto has a Wikipedia page that provides detailed information about his football career and achievements. He also has an active Instagram account with over 132k followers, where he shares updates about his personal life and football career.


In conclusion, Fei Toto (Feisal Salum) is a talented and successful footballer from Tanzania who has made a name for himself in the local and international football scenes. With his impressive skills on the pitch and his dedication to the sport, he is sure to continue making a significant impact in the future.

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