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Most Valuable Coins of South Africa 2022

They are also a gem with a low price, in addition to their initial value. When sorting through your riches and treasures, don’t forget about this ancient method of trading. Here’s a list with the most valuable South African coins.

Prices for coins are usually determined by their face value. This is not always the case. Rare South African coins may appreciate to the point that they can be valuable investment tools.

I decided to compile a list containing the 10 most valuable South African coins.

These coins are the heart of most famous coin collections. They also attract attention due to their high auction prices. There are many factors that can cause a coin to rise in value.

These include the coin’s rarity and the material from which it was made, its function or connection with other coins, and finally, its condition at the time it was sold.

Like any other commodity, a coin’s rarity makes it unique and drives up its demand. It is sought by collectors to add to their collections and investors for its long-term appreciation.

Rare coins are those that were made years ago, before mass production. Many may have been lost, reminted or lost over time.

10 Most Valuable Coins of South Africa 2022

1. 1898 Single 9 Pond

The 1898 Single 9 Pond is among the most expensive coins in South Africa. It is also the most valuable of all coins that I found during my search.

It is the first ever production of this type of coin, making it one the most valuable coins worldwide.

This is a bold claim about the coin’s price. Let’s see, what’s the 1898 Single 9 Pond worth today.

R15,000,000 is the current value of the 1898 Single 9 Pond. Only one of these coins is currently in existence. It was sold to an anonymous private buyer for R20million, approximately $4 million.

It is also fascinating to learn the backstory.

This coin was made during the Anglo-Boer War when the government sought international recognition.

The nation was unable to issue coins at home due to a lack of dies, so it contracted with a German mint to make the dies.

The German-made devices were confiscated by British soldiers on the way to South Africa.

The lack of new dies forced the Dutch to use old dies from 1898. To indicate that the piece was issued in 1899, they stamped a number 9 on the reverse.

However, the mistake they made on the first coin was to make the “9” too large, which caused it to protrude into the profile of President Kruger.

They realized they were wrong and stopped using the punch. The coin was then placed aside, becoming the “single nine”. Two smaller 9’s were used by the Dutch, and 130 coins were known as “double 9’s”.

To create the South African Dutch government, the United States received the single 9 as a gift.

2. Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899)

Kruger Double Nine Ponds ranks second on the list of South Africa’s most valuable coins

When stakeholders agreed to replace single-nine branded coins, the coin was created. In 1899 Kruger Double Nine Pounds, the first one-pound coins were produced.

Only 133 coins were issued with a 99-numeral stamping. This earned them the nickname “Double 99 Ponds” and their high value of R1.5 million.

3. 1874 Burgers Pond Coarse Beard

The original 695 coins that were known as the “1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard” had a lot more variety than this batch.

After the first batch of coins was made, the dies failed. A new die was used. The coins had a coarse beard, and the number 8 appeared to have been double struck.

The president presented 50 coins of this type to the People Council. They received a negative reaction.

The 1874 Burgers Pond Beard could sell for R1,750,000. Only 142 of them were made, making them very rare.

4. Sammy Marks Tickey (1898).

One of the most precious South African coins is the Sammy Marks Tickey. They were never legal coins, but they are still very valuable.

These coins were kept as keepsakes during Kruger’s presidency. For the exceptional services that these coins provided to the state, the commander in chief praised Sammy Marks, a miner businessman.

Magnate was one of the 215 pieces that were created by the mining. It was sent to high-ranking people such as friends, family, and leaders in the people’s council, as well the president.

Due to their historical and rareness, the Sammy Marks Tickey coin has seen an increase in value to R750 000.

5. 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard

The Republic of South Africa’s President at the time, in 1874, decided to order the production of native coins.

He also sent JJ Pratt a portrait of him and the government’s coat-of-arms to London’s Republic’s Consul General JJ Practt, along with the riches he had gathered from Pilgrim’s rest.

The Fine Beard Burgers Pond’s first batch consisted of 695 pieces.

The 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard has a high value, selling for as high as PS93,000. (R1,842,664) in a London auction.

Other 1874 Burgers Pond Fine Beard Coins are available at prices ranging from R300,000.00 to R700,000.00, depending on their condition.

6. VeldPond (1902).

The VeldPond is an integral part of the pricing list for ancient South African coins.

In a desperate effort to help the Boers with their trade activities, only 986 pieces were made. Boers were almost unable to get goods from African tribes because of violent conflicts during the VeldPonds.

They received the coin to boost their commerce and fight the British who were about to destroy them. The VeldPond can also be known as Pilgrim’s Rest. Each one of these precious metals is hand-pressed and unique.

VeldPonds has a price range from R350,000 to R350,000 depending on the item’s condition and quality.

7. Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008)

These coins were drawn to attention because of the excitement surrounding the celebrations of the liberation fighter from South Africa and the first black president of the country.

Since their release on Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday, they have been in circulation ever since. There were 22 million R5 Mandela coin productions.

These limited-edition coins have seen a rise in value over the years.

What South African R5 coins have the most value? The 2008 commemorative R5 coins are the most valuable.

According to the Buy or Bid listing, these South African coins are worth R150,000. The ungraded metals that are not currently in circulation are valued at R1,000.

8. 2018 Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 Coin

The 2018 Mandela 100th Birthday R5 Coin is another coin commemorating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birth.

They were R5 like 2008 coins. However, their rarity and emotional worth can make them more valuable if they have an excellent grade. Uncirculated coins can sell for R9,995.00 at auctions. On the other hand, a standard 2018 R5 coin is only worth R5, and was intended to be used as regular currency.

9. Mandela Inauguration Coin (1994)

The Mandela Inauguration, a value metric that is used to measure South African history and a symbol that places it in an economic context, is the Mandela Inauguration. These coins were made in very limited quantities.

They were quickly snapped up by collectors and investors. These rare pieces have remained highly valuable for a select few. They are therefore no longer in widespread public circulation.

10. 1893-1894 Kruger Half Ponds

These Kruger coins are rarer than any other Kruger coins, particularly those bearing the 1893 year.

They are rare and command high prices, starting at R200 000.

Last Thoughts

These coins are among the most valuable in South Africa and may make a good investment.

It is important to seek out grading services when collecting rare South African coins. You should also try different vendors to get the best price. Also, wait for the value of the coin to increase before you sell.

The prices of South African coins has changed little in the last few years.

These prices are subject to fair dynamics and could fluctuate in future. However, investors and collectors stand out as the ones who are always looking for the most valuable South African coins.

This archaic method of trading should not be lost; it could prove to be a valuable investment. This is supported by the current prices of rare South African coins. These will show you how much each coin is currently worth.

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