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Who is Millard ayo? | Everything To Know About Millardayo

Millardayo | Everything You Need To Know About Millardayo

Who is Millard ayo?

Millard Afrael Ayo was born in Arusha on January 26 as the first child in the family of four children of Afrael Ayo who is the son of Akheri Tengeru, a businessman and mother Mary Ayo is a teacher.

After his mother saw the urgency of Millard’s understanding, he started school at a very young age and eventually finished primary school at just 12 years old, finished form four at the age of 16 in 2002, all those places he was the youngest in the class from Patandi Primary School Tengeru, Akeri Secondary School and Mbezi beach high school.

While waiting for answers, Millard joined Arusha College of Electronics and studied the art of making satellite dish, tv deck and radio lessons which he completed and studied because it became his second favorite job, after which his mother was persuaded by his friends to bring Millard back. school continued to high school something he accepted but did not have a good reception for Millard because he needed to do something else at the time.

Things changed when her uncle Gabriel, who grew up in the United States, returned to Tanzania and persuaded Millard’s mother to let the child do what she wanted and loved, at which point Millard had the opportunity to join the East Africa Training Institute to study broadcasting and journalism in 2004.

One year later Millard joined TVZ Zanzibar for five months and returned to Dar es Salaam in April 2005 to look for work after a difficult family situation and lack of money for further education.

He managed to get a job on May 23 2005 on Wapo Radio 98.0 which he was told would not be paid because the church that grew up owns the radio had no money but because he was hungry for life and work had to do as he was employed, work grew Monday to Saturday from 2am while working. His main task is to gather information on commodity prices and hygiene conditions in Dar es Salaam markets, as well as to go to the MOI Muhimbili hospital hospital to collect information on injuries and deaths from various accidents.

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As a result of these efforts Millard began to be paid five thousand shillings a week in the second month after work so he had a salary of 20 thousand a month, a salary that increased to 20 thousand a month in the third and final year at Wapo Radio.

Millard then joined ITV / Radio One in 2008 where he was heard on various shows but MILAZO 101 and sports news ITV was what made him famous until November 2010 when he joined Clouds FM / TV and started airing on AMPLIFAYA on December 6 2010 and later handed over. CLOUDS FM Top 20 June 2013.

Millardayo Awards Winning

So far Millard Ayo is the owner of 4 awards including the Best Announcer 2006 from Tanzania Radio Awards, Best Website 2012 from Vodacom Tanzania and African Stars, and one honorary being the only author to be awarded from the family of the late actor Steven Kanumba.

The AMPLIFAYA program along with its website millardayo.com is what made its name so huge.

Unsurprisingly, Millard Ayo’s talent was first seen by former TBC1 presenter Joseph Msami who at the time saw Millard’s potential and persuaded the Wapo radio boss to allow Millard to enter the studio as a broadcaster and no longer a reporter.

Godwin Gondwe, the second person to promote Millard in broadcasting was Wapo Radio, the first person to give Millard a deal to record a high-cost radio broadcast in 2007 since he started broadcasting, grew to one and a half lakh Tanzanian shillings. and it was Millard’s largest salary ever paid for his handiwork since his birth, and it was even more money than his monthly salary at that time which grew to sixty thousand shillings.

Special thanks to Reginald Mengi, Joyce Muhavile, Julius Nyaisanga, Deogratius Rweyunga, Abdallah Mwaipaya and Isack Gamba who grew up as parents / friends while Millard was on ITV, although he is currently not on ITV but their friendship is not over and Millard has become their best ambassador.

The other people who brought Millard here are mostly Gardner G Habash who when Millard was at Wapo Radio helped him a lot to be heard on Clouds FM where he got a job starting a gospel program but the same week he was called ITV, Reuben Ndege and he played on the big stage. more so when Millard Ayo joined Clouds FM and tried very hard to persuade Millard to join them while he was on Radio One, in fact he has always been a great support and a great supporter for Millard.

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Clouds FM’s Sebastian Maganga who is the head of programming has been a great help to Millard Ayo, a mentor and even a brother who is a very good listener when Millard talks to him and is the one who suggested Millard be taken to Radio One at the time.

Ruge Mutahaba has been the boss, brother, co-founder and mentor all the time for Millard Ayo, largely despite giving Millard permission to join the family he grew up with for more than 10 years, he has grown to be a great help to Millard, there are many things Millard grew up with he says he can’t but Ruge has given him the word and given him the strength that he can and yes Millard’s success is starting to show there.

Big Boss Joseph Kusaga who is the MD of Clouds FM, and he has grown up to be a scapegoat, boss and brother to Millard Ayo, the power of his word that ‘i’am proud of you’ only gives Millard Ayo more energy and more hours to prepare his regular periods and more dedication.

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