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Maktaba Ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania]

Maktaba ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania];- Tanzania Institute of Education provides free online library services, following the closure of schools and students being at home to avoid COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection and Website www.

Maktaba Ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania]

This library contains publications designed to follow the curriculum. All books have enough questions and exercises.

  • > Student use your time to read textbooks and other publications through this system.
  • > Parents encourage and supervise children to learn at home using this system.

This system contains the following publications

  • Pre-school education (Kindergarten)
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education (form one to six)


Maktaba ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania] read all the lessons (Inside the App you will be given a user name and password to start reading) Click Install now below to download the App and start reading.

How To Access Maktaba Ya Mtandao TET Online Library

  • Login to TET website 02.
  • On the right hand you will see the word Library “MAKTABA”  Click ”MAKTABA” to open
  • Scroll down you will see Public schools, private schools
  • Click according to your school
  • Enter “user” ID which is tet
  • Enter the password which is tet202.

Use of the library

Government schools will use this library for free in support of the efforts of the Fifth Phase government whose one of its policies in education is Free Education. Private schools will be charged a small fee for using this Library. For example for Primary Schools, the cost will not exceed Tshs.

Maktaba ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania] The school owner when making the payment will select the book or books he or she wants and then go to his or her shopping basket and choose the school he or she buys.

He will then apply for a payment number and then be able to pay the cost using mobile networks such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, Z-Pesa or Bank. For mobile networks the user will choose to make / pay bills and then choose number 5 to make government payments.

Library Content

The online library expected to be launched will include a variety of textbooks from pre-primary, primary and secondary education levels (Forms 1-6) published by TET and which must be used in schools.
There will also be additional books from other countries as well as other publications.

Users will be able to access the books through the library in the form of online reading and borrowing.

  • The online library will be available on mobile phones after downloading it through the Play store App for Android.

Users will need to be pre-registered with the Institute and then they will complete the registration by providing accurate information such as their names, phone numbers, emails, and where they live.

Should users experience difficulty in registering or using the library they will contact the Institute’s customer service unit who will be available through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. The addresses of these networks are available on the Institute’s website which is

So far in the pilot period which began in October, 2018 to January 2019, the Institute has pre-registered 6,639 pre-government, primary and secondary schools in nine regions of Mainland Tanzania and One in Zanzibar (Dar es Salaam, Pwani, Simiyu. , Dodoma, Kagera, Ruvuma, Rukwa, Lindi, Geita, Unguja South). In terms of teachers, the Institute has registered a total of 88,596 teachers.

Schools and teachers

These schools and teachers will be required to complete registration in order to use this library. In the case of private schools, the Institute will work with TAMONGSCO ie the Union of managers and owners of non-government schools to complete the registration of Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary schools in Tanzania Mainland and the Islands within 15 days from now.

The library has focused on various cyber security measures including preventing the user from downloading books without the permission of the institution, preventing the user from making modifications to publications, raiding someone’s account for accessing his or her information and using the publications free of charge.

TIE Library Quickly Links

By setting up this library the Tanzanian government has become the first country in East and Central Africa to develop and coordinate an Electronic system for the distribution of publications to the public, private schools, and other users. Research shows that most countries in the world rely on private companies to coordinate these systems.


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