Jinsi / Namna ya kucheza mnada poa

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Jinsi / Namna ya kucheza mnada poa | How To Play Mnada Poa | Mnada Poa Leo | Mnada Poa Washindi

kucheza mnada poa 

Mnada Poa;- is an easy way to get any product you want for a more cool bet. That is, if the product is sold for 5 lakh the shop price through the Poa Auction you will get it for a smaller bet.

All you have to do is place a small and unique bet, ie either Tsh 502, Sh 531 or Sh 709. And if it happens that your bet is small and unique you will win the product.


Jinsi Ya Kucheza Mnada Poa (Mtandaoni) | How To Play Mnada Poa Online

  1. Step 1: Open the Website www.mnadapoa.co.tz
  2. Step 2: Then Select Ongoing Auction Among Existing Auctions
  3. Step 3: If This Is Your First Time To Participate, Click ‘Sign Up’ And If You Have Already Entered Click ‘Sign In’ And Follow The Instructions.
  • Set Amount (Bet From 500-10,000 Shillings And Make Sure You Keep The Number You Think Will Be Small And Unique Example: 506, 509, 511, 629, 818 Or Any Amount Less Than 10,000)
  • (It Is Important to Click (See Non-Exclusive Stores) Before Setting Your Dowry to Identify Non-Unique Stakeholders.
  1. Step 4: You Will Receive A Sms Confirmation Of Your Deposit If Your Bet Will Be Unique You Will Be Notified Or If It Is Not Special You Will Be Given Answers.
  2. Step 5: If Another Player Plays A Bet Like Yours You Will Be Notified That Your Bet Is Not Unique So Make Another Bet
  3. Step 6: In order to win, your bet must be set by you only until the auction closes.
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The important thing is to look at how the bet is set and then place your bet small and unique. Make sure you look at how many other players have placed the bet and also check regularly to see if your bet is unique or not.

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