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Jinsi Ya kujiunga na jeshi La magereza [Tanzania Mainland Prison Army]

Jinsi Ya kujiunga na jeshi La magereza [How To Join Tanzania Mainland Prison Army];- in This Post You Will Find information on How to Join + Sifa & Vigezo Vya Kujiunga na Jeshi La Magereza Tanzania and All Latest Updates including Nafasi za Kazi.

The Prisons Service was officially established on August 25,1931 after the division of the Police and Prisons forces occurred. Despite having the responsibility to protect the security and property of foreigners, before 1931 the Police Force also performed Prison duties as per the interpretation and purpose of the colonists.

The Prisons Service at its inception was called the Prison Department where its activities remained the colonial practice of torturing prisoners as well as hard labor regardless of whether it was for their benefit or for the Nation.

Jinsi Ya kujiunga na jeshi La magereza [How To Join Tanzania Mainland Prison Army]

The Prisons Service in the 1990s established its vision and mission based on the various changes that have taken place.

The role of the Prisons Service is to fulfill its role in strengthening social security through the management of prisons and supervising offenders, inmate services, programs and services addressing criminal rehabilitation needs and policy advice on crime prevention and criminal treatment.

By keeping prisoners in a safe environment, the Prisons Service aims to protect the community against these criminals and thus enable them to participate fully in various productive activities for economic and social development.

Jinsi Ya kujiunga na jeshi La magereza | QUALIFICATIONS TO JOIN THE PRISON ARMY TANZANIA

1. Be a Tanzanian (Mainland Tanzania)
2. Must be between 18 and 25 years old
3. He should have a height of 5 ”7”
4. He has not been convicted of any criminal offense
5. Be single
6. Have a Form Four education and onwards
7. Have good manners
8. Be healthy

Other educational qualifications are based on the requirements of the relevant job advertisement at the time.

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