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Jinsi ya kufungua akaunti ya Kikundi NMB (How to open a Group NMB account)

Jinsi ya kufungua akaunti ya Kikundi NMB (How to open a Group NMB account), You Will Read About Taratibu za kufungua account ya kikundi NMB bank, and sifa na vigezo vya kufungua Account/akaunti ya Kikundi NMB.

Jinsi ya kufungua akaunti ya Kikundi NMB (How to open a Group NMB account)

Current Account Group is the account made to enable the saving and transaction of informal groups (unregistered personal groups). This account provides the group with a checkbook option to facilitate funds control and their daily transactions.

Benefits of Current Account Group

  1. The customer is eligible for a checkbook
  2. Get access to over 215 branches countrywide
  3. Get access to secured Internet Banking
  4. Customer money is safe and secured
  5. Enjoy reasonable and yet affordable bank charges
  6. Enjoy unlimited transactions from your account
  7. Free cash and on us cheque deposit
  8. Offers interest of 1% per annum accrued daily paid yearly for amounts above TZS 5,000,000*

What you need to open Current Account Group

  1. Applicant should be an individual informal group
  2. Group Constitution & resolution passed to open the Account
  3. A letter to direct branch manager to open the account
  4. 2 recent  passport photos with blue background for signatories
  5. Names of all informal group members
  6. A minimum of TZS 30,000/= as an opening balance
Ufungua Akaunti Ya Kikundi Nmb
Ufungua Akaunti Ya Kikundi Nmb

Key Charges Attracted by this Account

  1. Monthly Maintenance Fee
  2. Dormant Account fee after twelve months of inactiveness
  3. Other transactional charges as per NMB Tariff Guide

Available Currency Options

  1. TZS only

For more assistance, please visit your nearest NMB branch or call our toll-free number – 0800 002 002.

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