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Download Your Freedom Vpn App Cfg

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Download Your Freedom Vpn App Cfg

Download Your Freedom Vpn App Cfg For Free. Here we discuss how you can get free internet with your Freedom Vpn app anywhere you live (worldwide) I do Cfg for any SIM card you can download from here because there are some websites explaining how to do it but here or provides Free cfg

how to setup and configure your Freedom VPN app now to get free internet more speed

NOTE: If You Get Slow Internet Change Sim Card Or Set Up

  • You need to know the name server and DNS query
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Download Your Freedom Vpn App Cfg 5
  • Click the Back button and click the Connect button and put / type the name server you are sewing in the message section, p. Ex. {;}
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  • Now click on the white circle dot setting Maximum DNS Interval: 10, Minimum DNS Transmission Interval: 1.0, DNS Repeat Interval: 5000, DNS tx Adaptation Factor: 5.0, DNS Domain: whatever whatever it works DNS query type: NULL
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Download Your Freedom Vpn App Cfg 7
  • Click the back button again, click the back button, then click Start connection and enjoy free internet, this method takes up space all over the world or any SIM card, just follow the instructions and enjoy it.
  • For config.cfg files or questions, comment below to get and answer it

Download Your Freedom Vpn



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  1. Avatar Of Raychi

    Am from Nigeria i need the config for Nigerian network and I need help on how to but premium server bcos I don’t have a PayPal account to but and the transfer Options is not even clearer to me

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