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Courses Offered At Rvist 2022/2023- Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology

Courses Offered At Rvist 2022/2023 – Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology, And Other important detailed information To know About Courses!

Courses Offered At Rvist 2022/2023

Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology-Offered Courses

The Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST) was founded in 1979 in Nakuru County, then Rift Valley County. It is located ten kilometers west of the city of Nakuru along the Nakuru-Nguru Road. The institute is the brainchild of Rift Valley leaders and people led by His Excellency Hon. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi CGH, the second President of the Republic of Kenya who had the vision to create an institution that would advance education advancement and development in the region.

Through their efforts, they were able to mobilize funds through the generous contributions of local communities and county people through the Harambe spirit that led to the purchase of land and the establishment of a fully-fledged technical institute. The institute played an important role in educating young people, as it contributed to creating job opportunities in both the public and private sectors and advancing development in the region and the country.

List Of Courses Offered At Rvist

The courses are grouped into nine departments namely:

  1. Health and Applied Sciences
  2. Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering
  3. Building and Civil Engineering
  4. Entrepreneurship and Business Studies
  5. Electrical and Electronics
  6. Information Communication Technology
  7. Liberal Studies
  8. Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  9. Agricultural Education and Extension

Below are some of the courses offered at Rift valley institute of science and technology

Higher Diploma Courses Offered At RVIST

  1. Higher National Diploma in Food and Beverage
  2. Higher Diploma in Human Resource
  3. Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies

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Diploma Courses Offered At RVIST ( Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology )

  1. Diploma in analytical chemistry
  2. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Power
  3. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering- Telecommunication
  4. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering- Instrumentation
  5. Diploma in Clothing Technology
  6. Diploma in Food and Beverages Management
  7. Diploma in Tourism Management
  8. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  9. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
  10. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  11. Diploma in Agriculture
  12. Diploma in Information Studies
  13. Diploma in Computer Studies
  14. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  15. Diploma in Water Technology
  16. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  17. Diploma in Architecture
  18. Diploma in Applied Biology
  19. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  20. Diploma in Medical Engineering
  21. Diploma in Petroleum Geosciences
  22. Diploma in Dietetic and Nutrition Management
  23. Diploma in Early Childhood Development
  24. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  25. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  26. Diploma in Accountancy
  27. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  28. Diploma in Marketing
  29. Diploma in Human Resource
  30. Diploma in Cooperative Management
  31. Diploma in Business Management
  32. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  33. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
Courses Offered At Rvist
Courses Offered At Rvist

Certificate courses at Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology

  1. Certificate in Early Childhood Development
  2. Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  3. Certificate in Secretarial Studies

Craft and Artisan programs at Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology

  1. Artisan in Electrical installation
  2. Artisan in Garment Making
  3. Artisan in Food and Beverages
  4. Artisan in Automotive Engineering
  5. Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  6. Craft in Fashion and Design
  7. Craft in Banking and Finance
  8. Craft in Sales and Marketing
  9. Craft in Supply Chain Management
  10. Craft in Business Management
  11. Craft in Human Resource Management
  12. Craft in Electrical and Electronics –Power option
  13. Craft in Electrical and Electronics – Electronics option
  14. Craft in Electrical and Electronics- Telecommunication option
  15. Craft in Food and Beverages Production and Service
  16. Craft in Motor Vehicle Mechanics -Automotive
  17. Craft in Tour and Guiding
  18. Craft in General Agriculture
  19. Craft in Information Studies
  20. Craft in Information Technology (CIT)
  21. Craft in Agricultural Mechanics
  22. Craft in Mechanical Engineering
  23. Craft in Carpentry and Joinery
  24. Craft in Masonry
  25. Craft in Plumbing & Building services
  26. Craft in Science Laboratory Technology
  27. Craft in Petroleum Geoscience
  28. Craft in Secretarial Studies

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