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Camtel Cameroon Increases Optic Fiber Unlimited Internet Prices

Camtel Cameroon Increases Optic Fiber Unlimited Internet Prices. Tarrif fibre optique. Reactions to the Camtel Unlimited Internet Price Increase. Camtel, a Cameroonian company in charge of investment and operation of telecommunications networks, has decided to increase the prices of its optic fiber internet service.

This Camtel unlimited internet fibre service was initially presented as a service meant to combine cost
efficiency, innovation while listening to the faithful Camtel customers.

Camtel Cameroon Increases Optic Fiber Internet Prices

  • The installation of this optical fiber service (Camtel Mboa Fiber Bleu) was initially free but will now be
    billed at 50,000 FCFA.
  • Also, you will also have to pay for maintenance costs for the equipment installed and the associated
    telephone line; a total of 80,600 FCFA per year.
  • The highest unlimited internet offer on Camtel Cameroon would be 60,000 FCFA per month (20MBps)
    and the cheapest will be 25,000 FCFA (8MBps).

Reactions to the Camtel Unlimited Internet Price Increase

The news is already being discussed within some consumer associations. They are protesting against
What they see as an increase in both the costs of Internet access and use by the public companies.

However, Camtel says the practice of free installation has not been profitable. Some customers after
Beneficiaries of the free installation refused to pay their bills and did not hesitate to terminate its
shrinkage. This Camtel argues, resulted in losses for the company.

The After-Sales Service of Camtel Cameroon in Question

But on close observation, one of the challenges the company will have to address is that of after-sales
service. Today, it is not unusual to wait sometimes six months to have the optical fiber service installed. and several weeks to receive a technical maintenance team in the event of a problem.

“We provide housing services. For CHAN, for example, we are still without the Internet. We have chosen
The solution of the national company and its optical fibers. But today we receive service bills It hasn’t been running since November. We hear that no equipment comes to solve our problem Problems, make you want to go see other suppliers,” the furnished apartment manager protested at Yaounde.

Other complaints about poor internet;

Other than retail customers, complaints are also reported from major customers including leaders
The country’s mobile phone (for example, MTN, Orange), who are compelled by regulations to source from
complete. Camtel promised that in the new configuration, connections will now be made within 72 hours. but the
The operator did not provide further details on what will be done to improve the after-sales service.

However, despite this price increase, the state-owned company remains competitive compared to others
Internet service providers in terms of access costs. But she will face stiff competition when it comes to that. money value.

Some national suppliers, who are nevertheless Camtel customers, have been able to offer 400 TV Compared with the state-owned company’s 45 channels, the communication quality is higher.



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