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Best Blog Niches in Tanzania | Blog Niches To Use in Tanzania

Best Blog Niches in Tanzania | Blog Niches To Use in Tanzania. you can attract more viewers in Tanzania and get more money through the Following niches I can say you can get more than
5000 visitors per month if you start a new blog and if your blog is out of date you can get up to 50,000 Visitors when you focus and put your efforts into engagement Content on social media.


  1. Travel
  2. Health
  3. Fitness and sports
  4. Hobbies
  5. Food
  6. Entertainment
  7. Gaming
  8. Finance
  9. Relationships
  10. Family and home
  11. Education and career
  12. Social networks
  13. Politics and society
  14. News
  15. Music
  16. Job
  17. Opportunity
  18. Translated
  19. Swahili series
  20. Technology
  21. Educational


Here we are talking about blogs that provide the latest news in Tanzania so if you are a user
Journalist on blogs providing the latest news is a blog topic that works for you
Visitors can get and earn money through your carrier.

Also here you must know the type of news that you want to write directly from your site
This major will help you to let your visitor know that if we want
Such kind of news stories that we can access on this site, for example: local news,
Entertainment, sports, gossip news, etc.but you can also write all that news
To one blog but based on my experience you’d better write one blog style
a story.


This is one of the most favorite blogs of many bloggers from Tanzania and that is
Because the music industry is growing a lot in the country and the artist
Lots of music was released throughout the day. I also did this niche and I see
It’s a very convenient niche for new blogs because the music is completely searchable in google
Throughout the day so that your posts also appear in search results.

But the only thing that can make you succeed quickly is being active in stature
A new song has been released and you are also among the first peoples to post it on
Blog so your message appears in search results more quickly.

Also this niche is very friendly with SEO so when I did this place and did SEO for you
It can grow quickly, get more visitors and get more money not only from affiliates
Marketing platform like Google Adsense. But also from the artist they can pay
In order to download their songs to reach people, you can say what
The money you want for them depends on your fan base.

Job opportunity in Tanzania

There are many graduates looking for a job in Tanzania so you can use this
An opportunity that can give you money from them by helping them show the job
Opportunities that are advised by companies looking for a person to work

This is also a very friendly blog niche by SEO and that means your main source for getting it.
Your visitors can be organic and that means visitors from Google because it’s also who
Google that graduates are looking for a job depending on the specialists.

With this blog topic you can get great return from google adsense due to high CPM
That was presented in such content, so if you want to earn more money this is the place to be
It will be better.

But there is one thing that you must be good at in the English language because you are dealing with learners
You must know how to write content in English, so that it gets approved as well
Google adsense ads as it does not accept any blog that does not use english language.

Swahili series and movie with subtitles

On the street there is the person who had a movie / series library that was located
Translated into Swahili she is making big bucks, because so many of it are
Tanzanians love series like Hindi, Korea, Filipino etc. so if you take it
This online idea means to have a blog introducing that series through
Have them download or play online, as you can have a large number of visitors
There is in love with that series.

I’m telling you this idea because a lot of bloggers don’t think about the opportunity they have
That is but with this niche you can create your own fanbase and this fanbase
It means earning more money for your blog.

Image 14
Best Blog Niches In Tanzania | Blog Niches To Use In Tanzania 4


Your information technology, or experience with it, or an interest in technology that you could use
This position is to teach people about it, for example: removing windows, how to use it
Programs, how to boot the window, how to make a partition and all things
That deals with technology for phones.

So when you teach people how to solve their problems, you can also grab your attention
Location In Tanzania sites that provide these services there is very little
So it is time to start in this area.


You are a teacher and want to create an extra element by writing articles to teach students
On some topics, so your audience will be many students in
World but also in tanzania not a lot of sites providing
Educational content so if you are not a teacher but have an effort in teaching and
Experience You can create a blog that provides these services to students
I say you can get more and more visitors.

Above are some of the blog’s content / niche ideas that can get you getting more
Your visitors and earn more money that can make you enjoy making money online
You are still at home.

If you do not have a blog and want to create it, I will provide you with possible methods
Create a blog and monetize, and make money online too.

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