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ARMS tia login | tia admission login | ARMS TIA Student Information System

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ARMS tia login | tia admission login | ARMS TIA Student Information System includes ARMS tia login, tia login, tia admission login, tia online application 2021 tia university login tia courses control number. tia online application login, tia admission login, tia – Mwanza student information.

Welcome to TIA Student Information Management System

For NEW FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS, click Not Registered? to continue with the registration process.

This is a secured student registration information system that provides all the basic information necessary for the registration of new TIA students in the various programs. In order for a student to use the system, they must provide her last name, select the admitted program, and provide her admission number. Then fill in all the required information accordingly after logging into the system.


ARMS TIA Student Information System

This Secure Student Information System provides all information about Personal Particulars and Academic Records, here you can check all information concerned with

  1. Semester Registration
  2. Fee Payments Records
  3. Examination results
  4. Course Syllabus
  5. Program modules

If you have already registered as a TIA student, then login here to continue.

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Arms Tia Login | Tia Admission Login | Arms Tia Student Information System 3

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