Apply to do home education in South Africa []

Apply to do home education in South Africa [];- Homeschooling is exactly that: teaching kids a curriculum at home and not at a school. It is recognized by the Department of Basic Education in South Africa as a legal practice and you can apply to the head of your province’s education department to register your children for the option to homeschool.

Apply to do home education in South Africa

If you prefer to teach your child at home you must apply to the head of your provincial education department to register your child for home schooling. You can either teach your child yourself or hire a tutor to do so.

The lessons you offer your child must fall within the scope of the following compulsory phases of education:

  • the foundation phase (grades 1 – 3)
  • the intermediate phase (grades 4 – 6)
  • the senior phase (grades 7 – 9).

Find out more about home schooling or contact the Department of Basic Education.

It may take up to a month for your application to be processed. Once you’ve been registered with the department, you are expected to keep and maintain an up-to-date record of attendance and the child’s progress throughout the year.

A portfolio of all the lessons/tutorials/education the child receives as well as a portfolio of the child’s work will need to be kept as well as evidence of the continuos assessment of the child’s work, tests, year-end examinations, etc

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