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Feisal Salum amewaaga rasmi Mashabiki wa Yanga | Fei Toto ditches Yanga for Azam

Fei Toto

Finally, the player Feisal Salum has officially said goodbye to Yanga fans and confirmed that he is leaving the club and emphasized that he will remember all the good things in Yanga and forget all the bad things very quickly. Tetesi Za Usajili wa Feisal Salum, Fei Toto

Feisal’s statement posted online reads as follows “It has been a good time to play for the Young Africans Club with a long and interesting history in the country and throughout Africa, we have had many mixed times, we were happy together when happiness came our way and we were sad together when bad times happened to us”

Feisal Salum amewaaga rasmi Mashabiki wa Yanga

“I will remember a lot of good things that happened to us together and I will forget the bad ones very quickly, every time I remember the fans of WANANI,

my heart becomes heavy to say goodbye to my teammates and leaders also for the love you showed when we were together in trouble and pleasure but what must not be done or said, so today I say GOODBYE WANANI ”

“Life is what it is, things come and go and sometimes they repeat themselves, until next time goodbye”


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Fei Toto ditches Yanga for Azam

Most Yanga fans would be devastated after learning that their utility midfielder Faisal Salum alias Fei Toto has apparently switched allegiances and joined rivals Azam FC. It is surely not the Christmas present that Yanga fans were hoping for.

Neither the player nor the two teams have made any official announcements about the player’s transfer or purchase.

However, sources close to the player claim that the box-to-box midfielder left Yanga and signed a free agency contract with Azam for an estimated sum of Sh100 million.

He reportedly paid a signing price of Sh100 million, and his contract required him to pay the signing money plus three months of compensation.

Meanwhile, it has been reported by the local sports daily Mwanaspoti that ice cream manufacturers Azam FC paid Faisal Salum Sh390 million as a signing on fee in addition to a monthly compensation of Sh17 million.

Fei Toto
Fei Toto

With a derby between Yanga and Azam scheduled to take place on Christmas Day at the Mkapa Stadium, the transfer will be seen as a victory.

With some last-second strikes from outside the box, Fei Toto’s bursting runs from midfield have previously saved Yanga. This season, Fei Toto has scored six goals in the league for the Jangwani team.

Four seasons ago, Fei Toto signed with Yanga from JKU Zanzibar.


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