Jinsi Ya Kuomba Passport Ya Kusafiria Tanzania


Jinsi Ya Kuomba Passport Ya Kusafiria Tanzania;- Mfumo wa Passport; How to Apply for a Passport to Travel in Tanzania; – Passport System

This is a new service that enables the applicant to complete the Electronic Passport Application Form from anywhere. After completing the form, he or she will be required to print it and submit it along with other documents to the nearest Immigration Office for processing his or her Passport application.

Jinsi Ya Kuomba Passport Ya Kusafiria Tanzania

Demonstrations Required During Completion of Passport Application Form

  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate
  • Birthday Parent Parent’s Pledge / Oath
  • National Identity Card
  • Recent applicant photo with light blue background (Light blue Background)
  • Form Fee Tsh 20,000
  • Proof of Journey or Proof of Activity by the Applicant.

Jinsi Ya Kujaza Fomu Ya Maombi Ya Pasipoti

  • Click Start to fill out the form, for New Request
  • Click CONTINUE to continue with the Request that was not completed
  • You will be required to fill in the Reference ID of your Request and the Application Number.
  • Fill in your correct Information to the fullest
  • Save your Application ID for future use.
  • Fill in the old Passport Statement (if you ever had a passport)
  • Fill in the Sponsors’ Statement and the people you would like to be informed of if you have any problems
  • Attach all required illustrations (based on instructions)
  • Review all your information and then click to agree with them if they are correct
  • Pay for your form after receiving a Control Number

The Request Status button (Status) allows you to track the progress of your request

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