Jinsi ya kutumia ExpressVPN (How to use ExpressVPN for free)

Jinsi ya kutumia ExpressVPN (How to use ExpressVPN for free), Every now and then things change and Tech becomes or expands every day as you move. You want to know and use many things but the cost has been your biggest challenge today.

Jinsi ya kutumia ExpressVPN (How to use ExpressVPN for free).

Visual private network (VPN) as it describes itself is a private network that helps you to visit different websites without being able to show your address or location. A technology known as TUNNELING was able to hide your address thus making it difficult for you to be hacked


  • Many people use VPN to be able to log in to websites that are used in the respective countries and in other countries it is not available that is if you log in either write to the website not available or not open at all for example maybe you find the site is used only in the US or only Russia Your address will appear if you are in the country and access the site. Most people use this method, especially those out there in China.
  • Also many use VPN in apps (here I mean even those games apps as well) that are banned from being used outside the borders of the respective countries for example there is this where it is called SPOTIFY this app is very much used in the US and other European countries is an app that allows you to create your own online playlist of music that you will be able to listen to for as long as you can without filling your phone storage so opening an account on this app you will have to use VPN to get the IP address of those countries that are active.

VPN comes in two main types an example are these
-built-in device VPN (these are usually in the software of your phone or laptop).
-downloadable VPN these are its apps that the company that owns gives you the ip address for payment.
we’ll talk about that PII there.

Like I said these are the VPN that you will have to download the relevant app to be able to use those apps for example this is EXPRESS VPN this app has a big name and also has a lot of users in the world and it has a nice feature is also effective and simple to use to get rid of it for a year-round expenditure yes when I say free I mean you will not pay even ten but you will have to follow these instructions carefully.

this app as i mentioned above is very good but download will require you to enter your email so you can register and get seven days free then after that you will pay to be able to use it (something that is expensive).

Follow the Procedures below.;-
1) . Sign in to the play store then download this app called express vpn then leave it to install.
2) . After installing it will open then it will bring you two options which are sign in and start free trial then after that do not touch anything but get out of the app ie touch the home button and go back to the home menu of the phone.
3) .then go to google and then type
(Tempmail) then the search will bring you to a different link select the first one is like this (http // temp-mail.org) then touch it.
4) .it will open then on the homepage of that website you will see there is an email now there hold then I copy that email then goes back there to your express VPN app.
5) .then after returning to express VPN just click on start free trial it will bring you to another page where you will see there is a section to fill in the email and it has written to you this (try express VPN free for 7 days) hap at the bottom of that box that email
Note: if you have failed to copy and paste it on the phone direct then write in the margin the email either with a pen and then write it as in the box.

6) . After that just click on the start free trial and then release the load then you will have finished downloading it (but not the corresponding terminology).

If you look up you will see that you have been given 299 days or more to use for free.
Now that you have selected the country you prefer then start vpn start sinking the networks you want there you are completely safe.

And you can also use this vpn in combination with deepweb browsers eg orbot and orfox or onion any browser this will keep you from being tracked.

Also if those days are over you can delete it and then download another one and then repeat the procedure and then life goes on.

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