Wakuu wa wilaya wapya | New district commissioners in Tanzania 2021/2022

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Dar es Salaam. President Samia Suluhu Hassan has on June 19, 2021 made changes of District Commissioners with many being shifted to new stations in a reshuffle that includes a surprise package.

She brought in a few new faces in the administration, most of them very youthful, something she had promised earlier on in the week while addressing youth  at Mwanza’s CCM Kirumba Stadium during her tour of the region.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan today on June 19, 2021 has made the appointment of District Commissioners in the Regions of Mainland Tanzania as follows: –

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Saturday appointed 139 district commissioner in a fresh shake-up that is predominated by majority youth.

In the appointment the president named at least 45 female commissioners and six professional members of the press. The president also picked artists, politician and other groups in the society.

A statement released by the directorate of presidential communication showed the president had also retained and relocated most of current district commissioners.

orodha ya wakuu wa wilaya wapya 2021

Arusha Region (1).

  • Sophia Edward Mjema to be Arusha District Commissioner.
  • Eng. Richard Henry Ruyango to be Arumeru District Commissioner.
  • Raymond Stephen Mangwala to be Ngorongoro District Commissioner.
  • Nurdin Hassan Babu to be Longido District Commissioner.
  • Frank James Mwaisumbe to be Monduli District Commissioner.
  • Abbas Juma Kayanda to be Karatu District Commissioner.

Dar es Salaam Region (2).

7.Godwin Crydon Gondwe to be Kinondoni District Commissioner.

  • Ng’wilabuza Ndatwa Ludigija to be Ilala District Commissioner.
  • Jokate Urban Mwegelo to be Temeke District Commissioner.
  • Fatma Almas Nyangasa to be Kigamboni District Commissioner.
  • Kherry Denis James to be Ubungo District Commissioner.

Dodoma Region (3).

  • Gift Isaya Msuya to be Chamwino District Commissioner.
  • Jabir Mussa Shekimweri to be Dodoma District Commissioner.
  • Simon Kemori Chacha to be Chamber District Commissioner.
  • Khamis Athumani Mkanachi to be Kondoa District Commissioner.
  • Mwanahamisi A. Munkunda to be Bahi District Commissioner.
  • Josephat Paul Maganga to be Mpwapwa District Commissioner.
  • Remedius Mwema Emmanuel to be Kongwa District Commissioner.

Geita Region (4).

  • Said Juma Nkumba to be Bukombe District Commissioner.
  • Eng. Charles Francis Kabeho to be Mbogwe District Commissioner.
  • Republic of David William to be Nyang’hwale District Commissioner.
  • Wilson Samwel Shimo to be Geita District Commissioner.
  • Martha John Mkupasi to be Chato District Commissioner.

Iringa Region (5).

  • Saada Ahmed Mtambule to be Mufindi District Commissioner.
  • Peres Boniphace Magiri to be Kilolo District Commissioner.
  • Mohamed Hassan Moyo to be Iringa District Commissioner.

Kagera Region (6).

  • Kemirembe R. Lwota to be Biharamuro District Commissioner.
  • Juliet Banyula Nkebanyi to be Karagwe District Commissioner.
  • Toba Alnason Nguvila to be Muleba District Commissioner.
  • Rashid Mwaimu Mohamed to be Kyerwa District Commissioner.
  • Moses Joseph Machali to be Bukoba District Commissioner.
  • Col. Mathias Julius Kahabi to be Ngara District Commissioner.
  • Col. W.C. Sakullo to be Misenyi District Commissioner.

Katavi Province (7).

Filberto Hassan Sanga to be Mlele District Commissioner.
Jamila Yusuph Kimaro to be Mpanda District Commissioner.
Onesmo Mpuya Buswelu to be Tanganyika District Commissioner.

Kigoma Region (8).

Ester Alexander Mahawe to be Kigoma District Commissioner.
P 8608 Col. I. A. Mwakisu to be Kasulu District Commissioner.
Col. E. M. Malasa to be Kakonko District Commissioner.
Hanafi Hassan Msabaha to be Uvinza District Commissioner.
Col. Michael Masala Nyayalina to be Buhingwe District Commissioner.
P 8310 Col. A. J. Magwaza to be Kibondo District Commissioner.

Kilimanjaro Region (9).

Thomas Cornel Apson to be Siha District Commissioner.
Said Mtanda to be Moshi District Commissioner.
Abdallah Mussa Mwaipaya to be Mwanga District Commissioner.
Col. H. M. Maiga to be Rombo District Commissioner.
Juma Said Irando to be the District Commissioner of Hai.
Edward Jonas Mpogolo to be Same District Commissioner.

Lindi Region (10).

Hashim Abdallah Komba to be Nachingwea District Commissioner.
Hassan Nassor Ngoma to be Ruangwa District Commissioner.
Judith Martin Nguli to be Liwale District Commissioner.
Shaibu Issa Ndemanga to be Lindi District Commissioner.
Zainab Rashid Mfaume Kawawa to be Kilwa District Commissioner.

Manyara Region (11).

Lazaro Jacob Twange to be Babati District Commissioner.
Sezaria Venneranda Makota to be Mbulu District Commissioner.
Janeth Peter Mayanja to be Hanang District Commissioner
Mbaraka Alhaji Batenga to be Kiteto District Commissioner.
Dr. Suleiman Hassan Serera to be Simanjiro District Commissioner.

Mara Region (12).

Juma Issa Chikoka to be Rorya District Commissioner.
Dr. Vicent Mashinji to be the Serengeti District Commissioner.
Joshua Samwel Nassari to be Bunda District Commissioner.
Mwl. Moses Rudovick Kaegele to be Butiama District Commissioner.
Lt. Col. Michael Mangwela Mtenjele to be Tarime District Commissioner.
Dr. Halfan Haule to be Musoma District Commissioner.

Mbeya Region (13).

Mayeka Simon Mayeka to be Chunya District Commissioner.
SACP. Ismail Twahir Mlawa to be Kyela District Commissioner.
Dr. Rashid Chuachua to be Mbeya District Commissioner.
Dr. Vicent Naano Anney to be Rungwe District Commissioner.
Reuben Ndiza Mfune to be Mbarali District Commissioner.

Morogoro Region (14).

Jabir Omary Makame to be Gairo District Commissioner.
Hanji Yusuph Godigodi to be Kilombero District Commissioner.
Halima Habib Okash to be Mvomero District Commissioner.
Albert Msando to be Morogoro District Commissioner.
Ngollo Ng’waniduhu Malenya to be Ulanga District Commissioner.
Majid Hemed Mwanga to be Kilosa District Commissioner.
Matthew Francis Masele to be Malinyi District Commissioner.

Mtwara Region (15).

Mwangi Rajab Kundya to be Newala District Commissioner.
Mariam Khatib Chaurembo to be Nanyumbu District Commissioner.
Dunstan Dominick Kyobya to be Mtwara District Commissioner.
Claudia Undalusyega Kitta to be Masasi District Commissioner.
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