This is How to Forward Message in Telegram Without Sender Source

This is How to Forward Message in Telegram Without Sender Source (Anonymous). Procedure to disable forward Message link in Telegram(Anonymous Forwarder) Forwarding a message in Telegram without a sender name or source is particularly important in circumstances where Telegram users want to remain anonymous.

The Reasons to forwarding a Message in Telegram Without a Sender Name or Source

There are several reasons to forwarding a telegram message without mentioning the source:-

  1. The most obvious reason is not wanting to share the source from which the message originated.
  2. Moreover, a person sends a message from its source to another person, Telegram channel, or group.
  3. Individuals in that group or channel can connect with the message source.
  4. Sometimes, you may not want to copy a message from one Telegram channel or group and paste it
  5. into another. You might end up doing this through the forwarding method.
  6. Because your forwarded source is identified in the group or channel you share the message with, you
    are most likely to be disappointed. Hence, if you remove the source, it is most likely to remain anonymous.

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Disable the sender source on Telegram

Many people prefer not to specify their front source name. Unfortunately, the original Telegram app does not have this built-in capability. Hence, this comprehensive tutorial aims to show you how you can do this without the need for additional coding or Techniques.

This is How to Forward Message in Telegram Without a Sender Name or Source?

To forward a telegram message without naming or referencing its source (anonymous forwarder), do the following:-

  • Download the Telegram Plus version of the Telegram application.
  • Install and run the Telegram Plus program or app.
  • Select the specific text you want to forward for a few seconds.
  • Next, proceed to select the first arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. The main difference is
    the first right arrow to the side arrow in the forward display.
  • After selecting the first arrow, enter the area you want to share your text with. For instance, you can enter a dialog in one of the contacts, channels, or groups you want.
  • Your Telegram message will be shared or forwarded without mentioning the source or sender’s name.


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