How to Get GCE Certificate in Cameroon (Ordinary & Advanced)

Requirements and How to Get GCE Certificate in Cameroon (Ordinary and Advanced Level) Latest date to
collect GCE certificate. Recover Lost Certificate

How to Get GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificate in Cameroon?

Getting a GCE certificate in Cameroon is a straightforward process. Be it an Ordinary level certificate or Advanced level certificate, the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board (GCE Board) makes available genuine certificates to all candidates who sit for and pass the GCE exam.

These original GCE certificates are available for free.

Download Official Cameroon GCE Board Timetable (Pdf)


How long does it take for GCE Certificates to be issued in Cameroon?

The Cameroon GCE Board issues certificates for candidates six (6) months after the official release or publication of results.

Candidates or individuals willing to collect their GCE Ordinary Level or Advanced Level certificates must present the following:

  1. Original National Identity Card.
  2. Duly signed legal authorization from the police, in the event the candidate decides to delegate
    another person to collect his or her results.

This is How to Get a GCE Certificate in Cameroon?

To get a GCE certificate in Cameroon, do the following:-

  • Go to your school or GCE examination centre.
  • Present your National ID or Legal authorization to the chief of the Centre.
  • Wait for the Chief of Centre to retrieve your GCE certificate from the queue of documents.
  • Sign against your name on the register and collect or get your GCE certificate.

Latest Date to Get or Collect a GCE Certificate in Cameroon?

The latest collection of all GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level certificates is at the end of March following
the actual release date of official GCE results.

How to Get GCE Certificates After the Latest Date of Collection?

This section applies to people or students who have neither (never) collected their original GCE
certificates nor failed to do so before the latest date of collection.

Download Official Cameroon GCE Board Timetable (Pdf)

Any successful candidate who fails to collect or get his or her certificate at the level of the school or
examination centre must do the following:-

  •  Go to the Cameroon GCE Board’s Head Office in Buea or regional head Office in Bamenda
  • Pay a non-refundable fee before collection.
  • Present his or her National Identity Card.
  • Sign and collect the GCE certificate.

Important: Lost Cameroon GCE certificates can also be recovered at the GCE Board office in Buea. The
candidate must show adequate proof before a duplicate of the original GCE certificate or Results Slip can
be issued.

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