ttcl vifurushi vya internet (ttcl internet Bundles) ttcl Internet Vifurushi

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Kujiunga Vifurushi Vya ttcl piga *148*30# To subscribe dial *148*30# 

ttcl vifurushi (TTCL BUNDLES) Vifurushi Vya ttcl

Tanzania Telecommunication Corporations formerly known as Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL) was established by An Act of the Parliament, ‘The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Incorporation Act of 1993’.

ttcl vifurushi vya internet (ttcl internet Bundles).


Plan Volume Price(TZS)
Daily 100MB 300/=
250MB 500/=
600MB 1,000/=
1GB 1,500/=
2GB 2,000/=
Weekly 500MB 2,000/=
1GB 3,000/=
2GB 5,000/=
4GB 8,000/=
10GB 10,000/=
Monthly 1GB 5,000/=
3GB 10,000/=
5GB 15,000/=
10GB 25,000/=
20GB 40,000/=
50GB 100,000/=
100GB 200,000/=
200GB 400,000/=



Plan Data Volume Price (TZS)
Daily 400MB 250/=
800MB 500/=
Weekly 1.5GB 1,500/=
3GB 2,000/=
Monthy 2GB 1,500/=
4GB 3,000/=
7GB 5,000/=


Data Volume Price (TZS) Validity
300MB 500/= Non Expiry
500MB 1,000/= Non Expiry
1024MB 3,000/= Non Expiry
2048MB 5,000/= Non Expiry


Validity Data Volume Price(TZS)
Daily (00:00hrs – 06:00hrs) 2GB 500/=
10GB 1,000/=


Social Media CAP Volume Price(TZS) Validity
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat 500MB 300/= Daily
1GB 500/= Weekly
3GB 1000/= Monthly

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