Ajira Za Walimu 2021 TAMISEMI | Ajira Mpya Za walimu 2021

Ajira Za Walimu 2021 TAMISEMI, Ajira Za Walimu 2021, Ajira 6000 Za Walimu, Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 2021. The Deputy Minister in the Office of the President PMO-RALG in charge of education Hon. David Silinde on behalf of the Minister of State for the Office said this today in parliament in Dodoma while answering a question from the Member of Parliament for Njombe Hon. Deodatus Mwanyika who wanted to know what steps the government is taking to end the problem of shortage of teachers in the country, especially in rural schools.

Ajira Mpya Za walimu 2021 | Date to Apply Ajira Za walimu 2021

The government has said 6,000 new primary and secondary school teachers will be hired by June this year to fill vacancies left by dead or retired teachers.

Hon Silinde added that his office is cooperating with the Office of the President Personnel and Good Governance as well as the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in fulfilling that role.

Earlier the Deputy Minister said that between December 2015 and September 2020 the government has hired 10666 primary school teachers and 7515 secondary school teachers to address the emerging shortage especially to place them in areas of greatest need.

He added that from December 2015 to September 2020, Njombe town council has employed 21 primary school teachers and 111 secondary school teachers.

Hon. Silinde also said that the Office of the President PMO-RALG through the offices of regional commissioners has been conducting internal transfers by relocating excess teachers, especially in urban areas, and placing them in schools with a severe shortage of teachers, many of which are located in rural areas.

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