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Ajira Tamisemi, TAMISEMI Ajira Application System | ajira.tamisemi.go.tz, Ajira Za Afya TAMISEMI 2021, Government Health Jobs. TAMISEMI Ajira Application System. The role of TAMISEMI is to coordinate and supervise regional development management and administration.  TAMISEMI coordinates rural and urban development management policy and strategies; coordinates Regional Secretariats activities and builds their capacity in institutional development strategies for integrated socio-economic development and financial development of Local Government Authorities.

Tamisemi Ajira Important To All Applicants For

Registration of applicants

  1. Each applicant must register by filling out important information such as form number four, year of completion, applicant’s name, telephone number, and applicable email address.
  2. Every applicant must register immediately.
  3. The system will not allow you to register and send more than one application.
  4. Make sure all the information you complete is verified before you go to another feature.

Personal information

  1. Names that will be filled in the personal information section should be as they appear in the professional certificates.
  2. Form four and six exam numbers should be written in accordance with the S0123-0001 or P0123-0001. Examination numbers.
  3. Make sure the number you are using is correct.

Export of documents

  1. You are required to attach documents for each professional information, work license, and birth certificate.
  2. The certificate is sent to make sure it is not larger than 2 MB.
  3. The application letter should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, the Presidency.
  4. All attachments of important documents needed in the system should be in PDF format only.

Tamisemi Ajira | Before Starting The Application Process Read Carefully Information Below

New Applicant

  • If you are a new applicant use the “New Applicant” or “Register” link to begin the application process. Then follow the steps to complete your application.

If you already have an account

  • Enter your form four Index Number (username) and Password to log in. After successful login, complete the Application form and submit it. Remember to log in to check your Application


  • Your Form Four Index Number and any other used Certificates should be VALID as they will be verified before you are selected.

Invalid Number Will Lead To Rejection Of Your Application

Tamisemi Ajira Application System | ajira.tamisemi.go.tz

To read full job descriptions and mode of application please view advertisement below base on the particular sector

  1. TEACHER job applications opened from 2021-05-09 to 2021-05-23
  2. HEALTH job applications, open from 2021-05-09 to 2021-05-23
  3. If you are a new applicant click on the link at the top right “Register” to start applying
  4. Enter the Form Four number with the graduation year as the username and enter your password to log into the system.
  5. After successfully logging in, please complete your application before the deadline
  6. Incomplete applications will not be processed
  7. Make sure before you read the application that you have read and understood the advertisement
  8. Click here to sign up for the application submission
  9. For Help Please call: 026-2160210
  1. If you don’t have an OTEAS Account create Here
  2. For those applicants who have an  OTEAS account login here


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