Mum Login – Mum Saris Muslim University Of Morogoro

Mum Login – Mum Saris, Muslim University Of Morogoro, The Islamic University of Morogoro (MUM) was established by the Islamic Development Foundation (MDF) on October 23, 2004, under a charter proclaimed by the MDF, the owners of the university. Studies began in 2005/06.

The university is located north of the impressive Uluguru Mountains, about 4 km from downtown Morogoro, about 300 meters from the Morogoro-Dodoma highway, and only about 10 minutes walk from the main bus station in Msamvu. The campus, which is walled and set in beautiful gardens, covers approximately 18 hectares.

Mum Login – Mum Saris Muslim University Of Morogoro

The objectives of Morogoro Islamic University (MUM) are to advance education through a variety of styles, levels, and styles of study and through a variety of mediums by encouraging and developing learning and creativity for the benefit of society.
Specifically, the Muslim community in the United Republic of Tanzania and abroad; To preserve, promote and disseminate knowledge and culture through teaching, scholarship and research, and making the results of this research available; Enhancing wisdom and understanding by example and developing the personality of its students and employees by virtue of the institutional life that is guided by Islamic moral values.

Mum Login – Mum Saris, (Muslim University Of Morogoro)

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The Mission of (Muslim University Of Morogoro)

Contribute to the national effort to produce well-educated and trained human resources instilled with talents and attitudes appropriate for the material, moral and spiritual development of society by adhering to the highest standards of teaching, learning, research, awareness and counseling in the provision of comprehensive and well-integrated education and training

(Muslim University Of Morogoro) values

The university’s core values ​​are embodied in its day-to-day functions. The most important core values ​​are:

Searching for knowledge: As prescribed in Islam, acquiring the limits of knowledge and advancing them is a duty for all men and women. In fact, the first direct revelation of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace) was:
Integrity and prudence: the pursuit of nobility in words and deeds and acting in an honest, ethical, wise, and professional manner in all endeavors.
Excellence: Morogoro Islamic University is committed to outstanding performance and continuous improvement in the implementation of its activities.
A society built on respect and tolerance: respect for students, faculty, alumni, and the general public will be maintained as a source of strength.
Fellowship and Collaboration: Collective governance and interdisciplinary collaborative efforts in teaching, scholarship, service, and student life will be embraced as essential aspects of the successful operation of the University.
Responsibility and Accountability: Responsibility and accountability will be ensured at all engagement levels – financial and non-financial. MUM strives to fully disclose all relevant information to clients and stakeholders in a transparent manner.
Academic Freedom, Creativity, and Innovation: Morogoro Islamic University will support innovation, creativity, and freedom of expression as a cradle of academic excellence and intellectual advancement. He will actively promote the sharing of ideas and information across society and will accept new progressive ideas from various quarters.
Spiritual and Academic Balance: Morogoro Islamic University facilitates students, staff and society at large to strive for a proportional balance between spiritual development, personal fulfillment, rational thinking, and academic/intellectual growth.
Trust and Teamwork: Commitment to trust and teamwork among all stakeholders including students, faculty, and all strategic partners who have a similar/complementary mission.
Community Service: Providing community service around the university and other places in Tanzania with the aim of raising living standards in the community.

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