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Federal University of Dutsin-ma is located in the local government district of Dutsin-ma in the state of Katsina, which is located in the northwestern region of Nigeria, bordering Niger, Kaduna, Kano and Jijawa states.

The establishment of the Federal University of Dutsin-ma, along with eight other federal universities, aligns with the determination of the Nigerian federal government to run a technology-driven economy with the goal of achieving Vision 20: 2020, to further improve the knowledge base in the country. Expanding access to education, a determining factor in the establishment of learning institutions in Nigeria. The overall goal of the institution was to address the challenges of insufficient space for qualified university applicants. Thus, the nine new federal universities, established in states where they did not exist, are in a position to strike a balance between access, equity and quality, thus creating a pathway for indigenous peoples to appreciate educational values.

The establishment of the Federal University of Dutsin-ma along with eight other universities as a first stage in the approved establishment of twelve new universities on the basis of equality and access was the result of a memorandum presented by the then Minister of State and Education, Olorogun Kenneth O and recommended to the Federal Executive Council at its 39th session on the day of Wednesday November 10, 2010 to establish 44 additional university institutions at the state level.

Under the presidency of Professor Julius A. Okogi, Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), a twelve-member technical committee developed the modalities for locating and launching the Federal University, Dutsin-ma and the other eight universities in the report submitted to His Excellency the Minister on Monday 15 November 2010. This was followed by the visit of His Excellency the Minister of Education Education Professor Dr. Raqqayat Ahmad Rifai, OON, is accompanied by Director (Higher Education), Federal Ministry of Education. And Executive Secretaries of NUC as well as the Education Trust Fund (ETF). With the support of the state government, the permanent site as well as the take-off site were determined, approved by the Federal Executive Council, and the Board approved the take-off grant amount of 1.5 billion nun, to be obtained from the ETF.

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About the university -Federal University Dutsin-Ma

The vision of the federal university, Dutsin-ma, is “to be a world-class, world-class university, committed to excellence in research and producing a generation of leaders with a passion for service”.

The mission of the Federal University, Dutsin-ma is “to create and transfer knowledge to transform and spread the human being to develop the economy and solve local and global challenges, and to do so in partnership and integrity.”

The philosophy of Federal University Dutsin-ma is to seek and shape the total being through developing the mind and imparting theoretical and practical knowledge that encourages self-reliance and self-confidence in the individual. Therefore, study and training programs should be designed to help the individual to understand their environments, to exploit them and, if necessary, change them.

Core Values Federal University Dutsin-Ma

  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Fairness, fairness and equity;
  • building abilities;
  • Teamwork and mentoring;
  • Humility.
  • Excellence and professionalism.
  • Quality of service; And the
  • commitment.

Core practices and functions – Federal University Dutsin-Ma

  • A student-centered approach to teaching that facilitates student learning
  • Emphasis on educational methods and the application of technology in teaching, learning, research and support services
  • Monitoring, supervision and evaluation
  • Create an open framework for consultation and dialogue
  • Promote the culture of urban learning
  • Create links and networks to enhance capacity building, learning and research
  • Designed with quality that makes the university adaptive to the operating context
  • Building a culture that breathes change, innovation and creative ideas and thrives
  • Get the best people to do great things
  • Promote progress in the frontiers of knowledge and learning through research and education of the highest quality and
  • Promotion of scholarship and innovation.

Objectives – Federal University Dutsin-Ma

The federal university, Dutsin-ma has the following objectives governing its creation by law. The university’s goals are:

To encourage the progress of learning and to give access to higher and free education to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction;
To provide educational courses and other facilities to pursue learning in all of its branches, and to make those facilities available on appropriate terms for persons qualified to benefit from them;
To encourage and promote scholarships and research in areas restricting learning and human endeavor;
To link its activities with the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Nigeria; And the
Performing any other activity appropriate for a university at the highest level.

The surprising features in the Federal University emblem Dutsin-ma are some rock, wheel and calf. The logo also includes a wonderful mix of carefully chosen colors to signify the university’s focus and integrity.

Rocks: At the base of the emblem is the symbol for the Dutsin-ma and Katsina State rocks where the university is located. This feature defines the university with its location and desire to work in harmony with its natural surroundings and people.
The wheel is a symbol of technology. In the emblem, the wheel is firmly fastened between the green (agriculture) and gold (wealth) colored chips and bonded. This feature refers to the fact that the university’s programs will employ modern technology to transform agriculture, add value, and create wealth.
The calf: between green and gold parchment and above the wheel represents the promotion of agriculture and technology to enhance animal health and the production of animal protein in line with the traditional occupation of the majority of the population of Katsina State and, in fact, Nigeria.
Integrity and service

University colors, Federal University Dutsin-Ma

The colors of Federal University Dutsin-ma are black, gold, green and white.

Black: This color symbolizes strength and elegance. It indicates the desire to build an elegant organization with a strong corporate management system and effective management structure.
Gold: This color symbolizes wealth, wisdom, prestige, lighting and high quality. It refers to the dream of building a prestigious, high-quality university that not only highlights and influences wisdom, but also leads stakeholders to create wealth.
Green: This color symbolizes nature, fertility, growth and agriculture. It indicates the university’s desire to harness natural supplies within its location, and its competitive advantage – land, water and forest resources to promote agriculture, agricultural technology and development as a center of excellence in adding value in agriculture.
White: This color symbolizes light, integrity, perfection, and a successful beginning and depicts faith.

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