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Rita Uhakiki Online System | RITA Online Application | Rita Online Portal 2021/2022

Rita Tanzania Log In, Register – Rita Uhakiki Portal uhakiki portal-rita 2021/2022, UHAKIKI RITA, RITA UHAKIKI VYETI PORTAL 2021. Rita control number 2020. Rita Login www.rita.go.tz RITA RITA Uhakiki Vyeti.

The history of RITA dates back to 1917 when the German colonial government enacted the Law of Registration of Births and Deaths (Proclamation No. 15 of 1917 (Citizenship)) when the British took Tanganyika (the mainland) from the Germans to recognize the process of registering births and deaths stipulated in the German language by recognizing the books under the Act Genealogy and Mortality of 1920 (Chapter 108).

It should be noted that under both colonial states, genealogical registration and mortality was not mandatory for Africans.

The Registration, Insolvency and Guardianship Agency aims to provide quality and consistent information about important life events, bonding sponsors, custody, deceased persons, deaths, and underage children to facilitate the law taking its course.

Welcome to the RITA certification verification portal, if you are new please register for an account, otherwise returning users can log in.

The RITA verification portal used by students who are using to apply for a HESLB loan for a specific academic year of 2020/2021 so that they can be verified as they are eligible to apply for the loan.

Important things to note Use RITA UHAKIKI VYETI PORTAL

  1. Use Firefox or Chrome
  2. Use a valid email)
  3. After submitting your verification certificate, your answers will be available in the account you created and not in your email address.


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