Marketable Courses in Tanzania

Best and Most Marketable Courses in Tanzania, Marketable Courses 2021/2022,

Marketable courses in terms of employment opportunities and future market programs for developing countries like Tanzania and the challenges of a specific program in various Tanzanian universities from competition in choosing programs.

  1. Doctor of medicine has high competition for all universities if your average masks is low be care to select it.
  2. Bsc. Pharmacy
  3. Bsc. Nursing
  4. Bsc. Medical laboratory science
  5. Bsc. Microbiology
  6. Bsc. Molecular biology & Biotechnology
  7. Bsc. Biotechnology & Laboratory science
  8. Bsc. Food science & Technology
  9. Bsc. Agronomy
  10. Bsc. Animal science & production
  11. Bsc. Wildlife management
  12. Bsc. Veterinary medicine
  13. Bsc. Forestry
  14. Bsc. Agricultural general
  15. Bsc. With Education

All Field Of Engineering Has Civil Engineering.

  1. Mechanical Eng,
  2. Electronics & Telecommunications Eng,
  3. Electrical Eng,Computer Eng,
  4. Agricultural Eng, Irrigation & Water resource Eng,
  5. architecture, Quantity Survey, Geomatics,
  6. Actuarialscience, Computer science, ICT,
  7. Chemical & Processing Eng
  8. Petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, petroleum chemistry
  9. Geology,
  10. Engineering geology
  11. Bsc. With Education
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