Is There season 3 of McDonald and Dodds?

Is There season 3 of McDonald and Dodds?

ITV has confirmed that McDonald and Dodds will return with three new episodes for a second season.

McDonald and Dodds was originally commissioned as two long episodes: The Fall of the House of Crockett (Episode 1) and A Wilderness of Mirrors (Episode 2), but after it proved popular with viewers, ITV requested more episodes.

Unfortunately, it is possible that these three episodes are the last for MacDonald and the Doods, as DCI McDonald stated in the previous series that she would only stay in Bath for two years.

Screenwriter Robert Murphy noted that after the first series: “If there are any [episodes] after that, we’ll have to finish in two years – because that’s when MacDonald goes, don’t you think so? She’s a woman who keeps her word.”

DS Dodds is also fast nearing retirement, with boss Houseman (James Murray) keen to organize a farewell party as soon as possible.

But the co-stars of the show have a solution for this two-year period of time.

“I think she will fall in love with Bath and I think she will stay for at least seven years,” said Juvia jokingly, while Watkins added, “Dodds will find his birth certificate and realize he’s in fact only 42 years old. I mean, I think there’s a lot of potential in coordination and relationships.” “.

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