Bloodlands; Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything To Know

Bloodlands; Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything To Know

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It’s confirmed that Bloodlands will launch next weekend – and star James Nisbet has promised that the upcoming drama will live up to viewer expectations.

Nesbitt explained, “It’s a classic Jed Mercurio suspense movie, where you’re not really sure what’s going on, with so many different stories intertwined in it.”

The anticipation for the new series was intensified in early February after the release of a new trailer – the series sees the Nesbitt star as an investigator in the hunt for a serial killer known as Goliath, and provides us with the character’s first teaser and reveals that the killer was responsible for the death of his wife.

Mercurio is producing an action thriller in Northern Ireland from a screenplay by debut TV writer Chris Brandon and will be coming to BBC One later this year.

Bloodlands; Release Date

Bloodlands begins Sunday, February 21 at 9 pm on BBC One and will run with three more episodes per week.

The cast was spotted filming the series in Belfast in 2020, and was originally thought to be arriving last year.

Bloodlands;  cast

Cold Feet and Lost Star James Nesbitt will lead the role of Tom Brannick, and the star has said he is very happy with the return of filming in his native Northern Ireland.

Before filming, he said of his participation: “We have compelling scripts from a brilliant young writer who grew up in County Down, which are very exciting and psychologically complicated. I can’t wait to start.”

Closer to the release date he said of his character, “Tom Branick has been a cop for more than twenty years. It started when RUC was the one that turned PSNI and could have been there when peace in Northern Ireland came with the Good Friday Agreement.

“He is a respectable man, someone who has experienced a real tragedy during the unrest. When the name” Goliath “appeared, a killer possibly in the police force, we discovered that one of the victims was his wife, Emma.

In February 2020, it was announced that Nesbitt would be joining the cast by a handful of major names, many of them also from Northern Ireland.

They include Ian McKellhenny (Dairy Girls, Game of Thrones), Lisa Duan (Top Boy, Trust) and Michael Smiley (Luther, Death and Nightingales).

It also stars Lorcan Kranich (Fortitude, The Dig), Charlene McKenna (Ripper Street, Vienna Blood), Lola Pettecro (May Left Nut, Come Home), Chris Wally (The Young Offenders, 1917), and Kathy Keira Clark (The Derry Girls) Pale Horse), and Susan Lynch (Happy Valley, Save Me).

Bloodlands; Plot

The series revolves around Tom Brannick, a Northern Irish police investigator who discovers a potential suicide note in a car left in Strangford Lough, a lake or inlet to a large sea in County Down.

He soon realized that the observation could be linked to a previous issue to which he himself was linked, and what follows, according to the BBC, “a relentless hunt for a legendary killer, an explosive cat-and-mouse game where the stakes have never been higher.”

Jimmy Mulville, one of the series’ executive producers, described it as “a compelling thriller that couldn’t be in time,” adding that the series heralded the arrival of the “black Irish” genre.

Jade Mercurio described it as “a contemporary one-footed thriller series in the emotional past of Northern Ireland.”

“The hunt for the suspect nowadays opens the cold case for a legendary serial killer, called Goliath, who evaded capture during the unrest.”

“In addition to being a police thriller, Bloodlands explores the dilemma of whether seeking justice for Goliath’s long-dead victims would jeopardize the fragile hard-won peace in present-day Northern Ireland.”

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