Hello me season 1!’ Season 1 Netflix K-Drama; Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Hello me season 1!’ Season 1 Netflix K-Drama; Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Hello me season 1! It is Netflix’s original K-Drama romantic comedy series from KBS Drama Production and is based on Kim Hye-Jung’s Fantastic Girl. The screenwriter for the series was Yoo Song Yi, with the drama directed by Lee Hyun Suk.

Hello me season 1 Netflix release date

First episode of Hello, Me! It will debut on Netflix on Wednesday February 17, 2021!

A total of 32 episodes are listed for Hello, Me! But Netflix would receive a total of 16 episodes instead. This means that instead of receiving two 35-minute episodes, Netflix will receive one 70-minute episode instead.
New episodes of Hello, Me! It will be available to subscribers every Wednesday and Thursday.

Cast; Hello me season 1

RoleCast MemberHeard Them Before?
Ban Ha NiChoi Kang HeeQueen of Mystery | Glamourous Temptation | Protect the Boss
Han Yoo HyunKim Young KwangD-Day | Pinocchio | Good Doctor
Ahn So NeeEum Moon SukTell Me What You Saw | The Fiery Priest | Whisper
Ban Ha Ni (Young)Lee ReStart-Up | Witch’s Court | Six Flying Dragons
Oh Ji EunKim Yoo MiRomance is a Bonus Book | Cruel City | Pearl Necklace
Yang Do YoonJi Seung HyunThe Good Detective | Search: WWW | Mr. Sunshine
Park Jung ManChoi Daw ChulAwaken | Psychopath Diary | Vagabond
Ban Ha YoungJung Yi RangThe Tale of Nokdu | Tunnel | The Sound of Your Heart
Kim Yong HwaKim Ki RiThe Light in Your Eyes | Eulachacha Waikiki | Human Condition
Lee Hong NyeonKim Yong RimMemories of the Alhambra | Father, I’ll Take Care of You | Birth of a Beauty
Han Man EunYoon Joo SangThe Uncanny Encounter | 365: Repeat the Year | Doctor John
Ji SookBaek Hyun JooThe King: Eternal Monarch | Hi Bye, Mama! | When the Camellia Blooms

Plot; Hello me season 1

Ban Ha Nee, 37, has a temporary position at her job and fears that one day she will be fired. She hopes to find a husband one day, but her timid and timid attitude allows people to walk over her. One day, Ban Ha Nee comes across as 17-year-old herself, shocked to see how bright and optimistic her former self was about her future.

hello me season 1 trailer

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