Far Cry 6 release date: trailer, gameplay, story and Everything To Know

Far Cry 6 release date: trailer, gameplay, story and Everything To Know

In one of the many delays in the games industry recently, enthusiasts to play the latest game in the Far Cry series next month were disappointed when the release date was changed to later in the year without revealing a specific date yet – although we still hear. Late April is a possible location for this.

So, while we know one is coming, and that it should look like the best game in the series on the newly released generations of consoles, we have some time to wait until we get our hands on it – it’s been almost three years since we’ve had our last AAA game in Series.

Far Cry 6 release date

We still have some time to wait before we can play Far Cry 6 because the game has, unfortunately, been postponed. It was previously scheduled to be released until February 18, 2021, which corresponds to earlier Far Cry releases that tend to appear in the early part of the year, far from the peak gaming season business.

As for the due date now, there is still no official release date, but all indications are that fans will be watching the game this year – Dutch site Proxis reports that fans will have the game by December 31, 2021. AAA Games don’t tend to have it released at night on New Year’s Eve So we’re pretty sure we’ll see Far Cry 6 long before that. We will update this page once the date is confirmed.

Far Cry 6 story

According to the official brief: “Far Cry 6 is taking place on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, and it is inspired by Cuba and described as“ Far Cry’s largest stadium to date ”and“ a frozen tropical paradise in time. ”It is ruled by“ El Presidente ”Anton Castillo, dictator A fascist who has complete control over the island, Castillo instructs his son Diego, who is not sure of his future, to follow his example.

“The player takes on the role of a local yaran named Danny Rojas, a guerrilla soldier fighting for freedom who tries to return their nation to its former glory.”

Far Cry 6 gameplay

Fans of the Far Cry series know what the game is all about now. The first-person shooter goes with the old adage “if you don’t get it broken, don’t fix it”, by preserving what fans know and love from previous games.

Therefore, temporary weapons and vehicles will still be present, and you will join the resistance and use your skills to conquer enemy camps and eliminate anyone who stands in your way. The game’s protagonist, Danny, is also customizable and you can choose whether you are male or female when starting the game.

Trailer for Far Cry 6

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