PAYEE Calculator | How is PAYE calculated in Tanzania

PAYEE Calculator | How is PAYE calculated in Tanzania

Paye Calculator

Enter your monthly salary after deducting your PPF, NSSF, or PSPF contribution, then click the Calculate Payment button to find the monthly income tax payable.

How is PAYE calculated in Tanzania?

The tax on business income is calculated on the payments that the employer makes to the employee during the calendar year. … the annual income is divided evenly over the twelve-month period and the amount (PAYE) that must be deducted from the employee’s taxable payments for each month is determined.

How is PAYE calculated?

Your total annual shekel payment is calculated by multiplying your weekly NIS payment by the number of weeks in the year. … calculating the tax on the taxable income. Tax on taxable income = 724.87 x 25% = 181.22. Note: 25% is the standard rate for a PAYE account.

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