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LMU portal | lmu Munich login | LMU-Portal Start | LMU Intern | Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (also referred to as LMU or the University of Munich; German: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) is a public research university located in Munich, Germany.

LMU portal | LMU-Portal Start

The LMU portal home page provides employees and students with quick access to relevant information and web applications, such as a customizable home page, user account, or students’ web mailbox.

if You Are Looking For Login page here is The Link Simply Copy And Paste in a new Tab https://login.portal.uni-muenchen.de/login/loginapp/login.html

How is the LMU portal structured?

LMU students or employees log into the LMU portal with their LMU user ID. After successful authentication, the personal LMU portal start page will be visible. Here you can manage your user data, among other things. Students can see letters in their mailbox and receive the latest news from the colleges where they are registered. Information for this is obtained from applications.

Who Can Use The LMU Portal Home Page?

All students and staff at LMU. Access via LMU User ID. Each user is shown specific content according to their group membership.

The University of Munich is the sixth oldest continuously operating university in Germany. The university was originally founded in Ingolstadt in 1472 by Duke Ludwig IX, King of Bavaria in Landshut, and in 1800 the university moved to Landshut by King Maximilian I of Bavaria when Ingolstadt was threatened by the French, before it was moved to its current location in Munich in the year 1826 by King Ludwig I of Bavaria. In 1802, the university was officially named Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität by King Maximilian I of Bavaria in his honor as well as the original founder of the university.

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