Narcos: Mexico’ Season 3: Release date, Cast, Plot & Storyline

Narcos: Mexico’ Season 3: Release date, Cast, Plot & Storyline

Who is not aware of Mexico and the origin of the drug via Colombia. We must have heard the stories through someone or read them somewhere but their makers are giving us a visual form of the stories. The show “Narcos: Mexico” was originally intended to be a continuation of the “Narcos” show, but the show’s makers changed course and put up a different show. The show debuted in 2018 and is now set to return for a third season. The manufacturers released an official statement regarding the renewal of the display and fans would be disappointed if they didn’t.

Release date: Narcos: Mexico Season 3

The show premiered in 2018 and took two years to release its second season. The combination of that and the ongoing pandemic will affect production and filming next season. However, there is no official statement from the makers of the show. However, the show is undergoing major changes, as there were rumors that the show started filming in 2020 but has paused it due to the ongoing pandemic. Although we saw many shows starting filming after the lockdown restrictions were lifted, we haven’t heard any news about Narcos. Fans have to wait a little longer than expected.

Cast: Narcos: Mexico Season 3

The show has a wide range of actors including portrayal of Diego as captain Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Michael Peña portray Kiki Camarina, Tinok Huerta portray Rafael Caro Quintero aka Rafa, Alyssa Diaz portray Mika Camarina, Joaquin Cosio portray Ernesto Fonseca portray Carillo Don Neto Amadou Carrillo Fuentes. They are joined by Matt Litcher as Jimmy Quikendall and Ernesto Alterio as Salvador Osuna Nava. Alejandro Origola as Maria Elvira, Teresa Ruiz as Isabella Bautista, Gerardo Tarracina as Pablo Acosta alongside Alex Knight as Kenny and Gorka Lasosa as Hector Luis Palma.

Plot: Narcos: Mexico Season 3

The show is undergoing major changes, including the original model not returning for season three, and lead actor Diego Luna not returning to re-enact his role next season. The main character fails to get out and is stabbed as his cartel leads him to prison. After the arrest, the Empire is clearly on the verge of fall and war in the drug cartel books.

Story: Narcos: Mexico Season 3

The show was originally seen as a continuation of the popular series “Narcos” but its creators switched to a completely different show as they introduce us to the early forms of cartel formation and drugs in Mexico and the cartel wars. The show depicts the formation of one of the most powerful cartels in the world at any given time. The parade also includes a plan to bring down these drug cartels and war. They succeeded even when we witnessed Miguel being arrested by officials. However, with his main role not being repeated, we will see new faces and stories in the upcoming season.

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