Lupin season 1, part 2 Netflix release date: Possible return with new episodes!

Lupin season 1, part 2 Netflix release date: Possible return with new episodes!

Revenge is a persuasive thing and it can completely consume an individual, years may pass, but still few of them can cope. The makers of “Lupine” tell a similar story of vengeance with a little humor. The show made its debut in 2021 but managed to only release a portion of it. But she did not prove less than that in front of the masses. The series, which revealed only its first half, surpassed many well-known series to reach the top ten list within days. Now, fans are waiting for the show to release its second installment and the filmmakers may do it.

Release date: Lupin season 1, part 2

The show premiered in January of this year, and within no time it became an instant success which made fans long for a Part Two release soon. However, considering the fact that the show just released Part 1 a few days ago, we can’t expect the Part 2 to drop anytime soon. But, we do have a silver lining here, so if the show continues to maintain its hit mark for this Part 2, we can definitely expect the show to return for a second season. We still have to wait for the ad makers to officially release the second installment of Season 1, though.

Cast: Lupin season 1, part 2

The show has Omar C portraying Asaan Diop and Vincent Lunds portraying Captain Roman Laughter and Ludivine Sagnier portraying Claire and Clotilde Hesem portraying Juliette Pellegrini and Nicole Garcia portraying Anne Pellegrini. They are joined by Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini, Sofiane Jarab as Youssef Jadira, Antoine Joy as Benjamin Viral, Vargas Assange as Babacar Diop, Vargas Assange as Babacar Diop with Sherine Boutella as Lieutenant Sophia and Eitan Simon as Raoul. The original cast is set to reprise their roles for the upcoming installment.

Plot: Lupin season 1, part 2

We have seen how Asani returns to plan and implement his plan for revenge due to his father’s wrongful conviction and death by the Pellegrini family with his witchcraft and tricks. However, things don’t go as expected as we saw at the end of Season 1, as he faces more suffering as Pellegrini goes their old ways by kidnapping Assane’s son and letting him away. Will the second part of the first season explore his suffering, the possibility of a reunion with his son, and maybe a happy ending?

Storyline: Lupin season 1, part 2

The show originally belongs to the French genre of comedy with various twists and turns. The show depicts the Diop family’s life and struggles in the new country. Asani went out to the country with his father, where immigrants find their daily meals by doing various jobs, and one of them put his father in prison, which led him to commit suicide due to shame. However, even after 25 years, Asani did not give up on revenge, returning to take revenge on the Pellegrini family. However, it is not as easy as you might expect.

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