Jinsi/Namna ya kutumia efd machine | how to use efd machine

Jinsi/Namna ya kutumia efd machine | how to use efd machine

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What Are Electronic Receipt Machines? ( efd machine)

Electronic Receipt Machines are machines designed for use in business for effective management control in the areas of sales analysis and asset management system and which complies with the conditions prescribed by law.

Types of Electronic Receipt Machines (EFD)

  • Electronic Tax Register (ETR) machine

This machine is used by retailers and those who sell products through the flow of customers.

  • Electronic Receipt Printer (EFP)

This machine is used by computerized retail outlets. It is connected to a computer network and stores all sales transactions or information stored in its archives.

  • Electronic Signing Tool (ESD)

A device designed to certify by signing any financial document prepared by a computer such as a tax invoice. This device uses a special computer program to generate special numbers (Signatures) that are attached and printed on each invoice issued by the user system.

  • Electronic Printer Pump Machine.

This machine is designed for use at petrol stations and printing every receipt during sales transactions.


You are responsible for issuing receipts or invoices for each sale and reporting any changes / defects of the machine to the Commissioner within 24 hours.

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Jinsi ya kutumia efd machine


Jinsi ya kutumia efd machine

INCOTEX 181 (small machine) 1.

Turn on the machine will write REGISTRATION MODE2.

Enter the password 100,0003.

Click TOTAL once, you will see 1. Sales, 2. Purchase4.

Click 1. (sales) Select to make sales5.

You will see BUYER
TIN 0.00
… Then the machine is ready to make sales

For example a customer has bought 4 SERENGETI for a price of 40,000 shs each
Do this:

Press 4 (number) then

QTY then (price) 40,000 then

SH then PLU then press 3 (beer) PLU then TOTAL then the receipt will come out give the customer For example the customer has bought 4 SERENGETI at a price of sh 40,000 each TUSKER 2 at a price of 32,000 eachLONDON GIN CARTON 2 at a price of 65,000 eachSt. Anna 3 at a price of 95,000 eachClittle water CARTON 10 at a price of 3,000 each CARTONBoss whiskey CARTON 2 at a price of sh 70,000 each CARTON
Do this:


Press C The machine will show 0.00 when you press VD / MODE once and then press MODE three times you will see Z-REPORT then enter the password 300,000 then press TOTAL when Z-REPORT will come out when it is relevant.

spirits kama Gordon’s, grants J&B, jebel, London gin,
, and others

2) SOFT DRINKS (alvaro, bavaria, redbull, pure heaven) 3) BEER (all beers with Heineken and Windhoek) 4) WINE (Dompo alter wine St. Anna, St. Morand, St. Vincent) 5) SODA6) WHISK (boss, bond 7,) 7) WATER (big and small water


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