CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP; (Clouds tv & Clouds FM) Who Are They? This is Everything You Need To Know

CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP; (Clouds tv & Clouds FM) Who Are They? This is Everything You Need To Know

Clouds Media Group; is a multinational media company that is one of the most respected media houses in East and Central Africa and has been recognized as one of the best brands in the region. 2018, it was named the number 2 company in Tanzania and won “Best Taxpayer” several times.

In 2019 celebrating its 20th year of entertainment from Africa, Clouds is a media powerhouse whose repertoire extends across television, radio, print, digital, event management, public relations, and corporate communications platforms. Our portfolio includes 3 radio stations, 9 TV stations, 50 channels / DTT television network, the largest OTT platform in East and Central Africa, and the largest event marketing company in East and Central Africa.

CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP story you should know?

CLOUDS MEDIA GROUP story is one defined by imagination, race, and innovation, and this perfect combination has made Clouds Media Group the most dynamic media organization in Tanzania and one of the leading media organizations in all of East and Central Africa. Clouds which stands for (Cool Loveable Outstanding Unique Dynamic Sound) started 20 years ago with a single radio station studio in the size of a small closet and over time it has grown into one of the most recognized brands in East Africa.

From this same small studio, we have blossomed into a dynamic organization covering all broadcast media, events, marketing, digital platforms as well as social responsibility platforms. No organization can reach any sustainable level of success without great individuals. At Clouds Media Group, we are proud to say that some of the best media professionals from all over East Africa call Clouds Media Group home, in addition to this, we have recognized annually for our high employee retention rate.

Clouds Media Group is highly respected and trusted by some of the biggest brands both globally and locally for delivering their messages with high ROI while providing premium content for your listeners and viewers. From day one, Clouds Media Group has always focused on the future, to be the first, exceeding the expectations of our customers, partners and fans.

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