The Family Man Season 2; Release Date, Plot Cast and Storyline

The Family Man Season 2; Release Date, Plot Cast and Storyline

The Indian web series is leaving its mark not only nationally but also internationally. The current generation, especially the youth, is giving preference to realistic content and presence over TV series. The number of viewers of such series increases day by day and opens the way for new and young talents with new stories. By looking at stories like these, it is clear that viewers will choose a creative web series over any entertainment such as movies or daily series. One of these notable shows is “The Family Man”. The show premiered in 2019 and premiered at an international film festival even before its release in India. Due to its popularity, the series is now back for a second season.

Release date: The Family Man Season 2

The show, which debuted in 2019, has garnered a huge fan base and made it popular and accepted by critics and audiences alike, and is now renewed for two more seasons. Filming began in November amid the pandemic. The members of the show yesterday released a poster and release date for the second season of the show. The show is expected to return in February 2021. The first season left us with many questions and now with the extra staff joining the squad, there is more to expect from the show.

Cast: The Family Man Season 2

The show’s cast is extremely talented with Manoj Bajpai as Srikant Tiwari alongside Priyamani as Sushitra, Shereeb Hashemi as JK Talbad, Niraj Madhav as Musa, and Kishore Kumar as Imran. Added to this actors Samantha Akinini and Asif Basra in the second season. Other notable actors include Gul Pagan as Zoya, Sharad Kulkar as Arvind, and Sandeep Kishan as Vikram.

Plot: The Family Man Season 2

Many questions need answers. The story will continue as the NIA team discover the attack on Delhi, and other professional and personal questions such as Srikant’s rally and what happened between Arvind and Suchitra will be revealed at the hotel. With famous actors like Samantha and Asif joining the cast in the upcoming season, we can expect more next season. Another important question is the video of Karim’s death that could put Tiwari’s career in danger. Fans will have to wait a few more months for answers to these questions.

Storyline: The Family Man Season 2

The story revolves around an ordinary man but no ordinary man named Srikant Tiwari who has a picture of a middle-class man but is actually a senior analyst at the National Intelligence Agency who works for a T.A.S.C. His job is mostly to discover and respond to terrorist attacks in India. The common man faces various obstacles while keeping two lives. In Season 1, we see him struggle with his family and take a few hits professionally as well. The show is known for depicting some real-life newspaper articles into a visual story. The show was renewed for two more seasons with one returning in 2021.

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