Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Storyline

Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Storyline

Besides manga novels and their adaptations to animation, Japan is well known for another genre of novels, such as Ranube and its animation adaptations. Fans and fans are always curious to know which animated series will be released. And again, there’s news of the next installment of one animated series based on the stories of One Ranope. Yes, you read it correctly. The Japanese animated series Majo No Tabitabi is in talks for the next installment, which is the second installment of Majo No Tabitabi. The series is dubbed in English as Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina for Western audiences and audiences. Many critics and reviewers of the novels praised the first part of Majo No Tabitabi as the fans and the audience praised it and now they are awaiting the second part of Majo No Tabitabi.

Release date: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

Majo No Tabitabi came with its first batch of 2020 in October, and most recently its finale premiered in December. Therefore, it is very difficult to estimate and guess the release date of Majo No Tabitabi II part. Despite the overall production and editing time taken in mind, Majo No Tabitabi II could hit screens somewhere in 2022. Yes, it will take nearly a year to release. Fans and fans should curb their enthusiasm as there is plenty of time for Majo No Tabitabi Part 2 release.

Cast: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

It’s only 15 days since the final episode of Season 1 Majo No Tabiatabi, and there’s also no official announcement about Majo No Tabitbi’s second part. Therefore, it has nothing to do with talking about its cast and characters. But since the series has only completed Part 1, there are 100% chances that similar actors and characters will be present in the second part of Majo No Tabitabi. So the potential cast might include voice artists for the Japanese version such as Kaede Hondo, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Yoko Hikasa, Kana Hanazawa, and Mianami Takahashi. The English language version may contain sound artists such as Amber Connors, Dani Chambers, and Jad Saxton. The other names will be revealed soon when the manufacturers make their official announcement.

Story: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

Majo No Tabitabi Part 2’s plot hasn’t been announced yet, as Part 2 of it ended a few days ago. However, there are opportunities to follow the plot of the first part. The plot of the second part of Majo No Tabitabi will focus on the further journey of the central character Elaina in various places as it did in the first part of the series. There will be a plot focusing on different people and different situations in which Elaina will stumble upon to discover various human emotions and feelings. So, it will be interesting for fans to know where Elaina is new and what will she discover?

Storyline: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

Majo No Tabitabi tells the story of the main hero to us who is a magician. After achieving success in the magic exams. She started her journey to visit all the places she wanted to visit before where her dream was. During her first visit, she unexpectedly encountered face-to-face with her husband but the double was not like her at all. Doppelganger turns out to be the evil Elaina who is hurting people. Then the real Usa fights with her. Next season Part 2 of Majo No Tabitabi will feature Elaina’s bonus story and her adventures in new locations. Fans have to wait long for the trailer for this upcoming second season of Majo No Tabitabi.

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