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Top 10 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World| High Paid Bloggers In The World, List Of Richest Bloggers In The World, For most of us, blogging is nothing more than a fun part-time activity. We write about the things we are passionate about, but there are always exceptions, and successful bloggers usually make good profits.

These bloggers mentioned their clerical jobs just like you and me, but with a little bit of luck and great content, they manage to turn this part-time activity into a full-time job.

Sure, blogging might sound like a perfect job, but it takes a drastic lifestyle change and a lot of dedication if you really want to be successful. And in case you are wondering how much top bloggers earn, we have compiled a list of the 10 richest bloggers in the world that will definitely make your eyeballs pop.

You might have heard most of these bloggers already but I’m sure you didn’t know that they are making hundreds of thousands per month, in addition to global fame that is invaluable to me. Earnings are monthly, so every blogger on this list gets paid over a million a year.

List Of Richest Bloggers In The World | High Paid Bloggers In The World;-

Yes, you could argue that The Huffington Post is much more than a blog at the moment, but it has become a popular news source and also one of the most popular sites in the world in just two years. The blog, which was founded by Ariana Huffington in 2005, has a monthly income of $ 2.3 million now, nearly three times that of TechCrunch. This is why Ariana Huffington is the richest blogger in the world at the moment.

TechCrunch goes tough on the tech industry and strives to be the best in its field, covering science news, startup profiles, new gadgets and all the rest of the tech world to make sure you are well informed. Michael Arrington wanted to create a one-stop destination for tech news, and went for gold with TechCrunch. Arrington even called him a “prophet of Silicon Valley” for his blog, and it is through his work here that he has become the most influential person in technology. TechCrunch makes him around $ 800,000 a month.

The world’s largest award-winning independent website, Mashable covers anything from social media, business, and technology to entertainment and lifestyle. Founder and CEO of Blogger Pete Cashmore started this unique project in his bedroom in Scotland when he was only 19 years old, and years later he became a millionaire thanks to him. He’s also the youngest person to become a millionaire from blogging alone. Mashable is fetching $ 600,000 a month, right now.

Since he launched his blog in 2005, Mario Lavandera or Perez Hilton has become a powerful blogger overnight. This isn’t a typical blog either, as it reveals all the details of the private lives of a celebrity, no matter how special it is. With celebrity news, scandals and the like, Perez Hilton has become very popular all over the planet, and he is visited by a lot of people who want to discover hidden things about their favorite stars. Mario Lavandera earns $ 450K per month from Perez Hilton.

SmashingMagazine is the world’s most popular blog for website designers and developers, featuring the most up-to-date tips, high-quality tutorials, amazing guides and resources that can transform you into a web designer very quickly. Vitali Friedman is the founder of this hugely beneficial website who brings him around $ 190,000 a month from banner ads alone.

Timothy Sykes became a self-made millionaire trading in small penny stocks when he was only 21 years old and then continued working with a hedge fund that did not go as planned but invited him to the documentary The Wall Street Warriors. He had $ 12,415 remaining and wanted to replicate his fortune-telling from there, this time covering it with over 8,000 posts, earning an account of $ 4,280,000. Sykes is incredibly smart when it comes to stocks and if someone wants to make a lot of money then their blog, which includes articles on investing, finance and stocks, is a must-read of course. His blog alone makes about $ 150,000 a month.

Through tutorials, lectures, and other alternative teaching methods, TutsPlus informs readers of loads of software applications and design tools, helping them master almost any application. Not only that, but the site members can make money by writing their own tutorials, which makes TutsPlus a lot different from other popular blogs. Coulis Saeed, the founder of this media site, contributes to other popular blogs, but from TutsPlus alone he makes about $ 120,000 a month.

The name Lifehacker might be a little confusing at first, but the topic of this popular blog is finding “life hackers,” which are short cuts or ways to improve our productivity every day. Aside from helping you improve your life, the site also offers several tools and programs that will help you improve. And life is much easier for Gina Trapani at the moment, CEO and founder of this amazing blog, which makes $ 110,000 a month from Lifehacker.

It’s really amazing how one of the most popular blogs in the world covered the news of one city. But Big Apple is no ordinary city and when Gothamist started covering city life in detail, with information about food, events, and art, it became very famous. Then Gothamist city became global, expanding its reach to 13 cities around the world, from Toronto to Shanghai and from Los Angeles to London, to name a few. Jake Dobkin, the brains behind Gothamist, is now earning $ 110,000 a month from his online venture.

Matt Marshall started his blogging career in 2006 with the launch of a media blog called Venture Beat covering the latest news about technology around the world as well as about money, finance and investing ideas. This media blog provided a lot of valuable information to its readers, including information on startups or different technologies on how to make money from investments. That’s why the Venture Beat is so popular, Matt Marshall earns $ 100,000 a month from this blog now.

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