BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) | brela company registration | Sajili Kampuni Brela

BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) | brela company registration | Sajili Kampuni Brela

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BRELA Online Registration System (ORS)

The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has completed development of the modern BRELA Online Registration System (ORS), which consists of the registration of companies, trade names, trade marks and services and their subsequent registrations, and the issuance of patents and industrial licenses.

The system will enable clients to access all BRELA services wherever they are without visiting BRELA headquarters at any time of the day. BRELA began offering services online in units starting with Industrial Property Services: Trademarks, Services, Patent Registration, and Companies.

In addition, the company number registered through the BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) corresponds to the TIN of the registered company. Therefore, it is advisable to submit the company registration certificate to the nearest Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) office to receive the company tax identification number certificate.

Features of the BRELA Online Registration System (ORS):

  • Register the trade name, change the details, pay the annual maintenance fees, stop and update the data.
  • Company registration, change of data and deposit of documents related to the company and annual returns.
  • Register the industrial license, change the details, and submit the annual progress report and cancellation.
  • Mark the registration and deposit the relevant documents.
  • Registering patents and filing documents related to patents or a utility model
  • Information services. Here you can apply for and extract summary or detailed information on the name of the business, company, industrial license, mark or patent. You can also request a MARC review by the Nice category which will be at your disposal for 3 days.


To apply for BRELA online services, you must be a registered user. If you do not have a username and password, please register as a user first and activate your account, click “Create ORS Account”. If you have a username and password, click on “e-services for registered users” and log in.
Registration link:

Things required to fill out Brela registration form;-

  • Nationality
  • date of Birth
  • National Identity
  • Download from NIDA
  • First Name
  • Middle name
  • The nickname
  • sex
  • female
  • The remembrance
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Password: The password must be at least 6 characters long: at least one special character (! @ # $% ^ & * _ – +), one letter, and one number.
  • Captcha
  • Privacy and liability

To apply for any of the electronic services (except for the new registration), you need to know the object ID. Here you can search for a registration number for a trade name or company incorporation / compliance number, address and current status for free.
Please note that only business and company names that have registered or updated information via the BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) will be presented in the search result, click “Free Search”.
Industrial property journals are now available with the ability to search by date, click on “Industrial Property Journals”.

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How to pay for Brela online services:

  • Tigo pesa or MPesa
  • Directly in CRDB or NMB

BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) Technical Support

Trademarks / Service Patents: 0735322000/0735322001
Companies: 0735331000/0735331001

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