‘’Extracurricular’’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status, Release Date and Everything to know

‘’Extracurricular’’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status, Release Date and Everything to know

Lately, we’ve seen some droughts when it comes to dark, dark, crime-thrilling mystery shows. Popular transition options have been delayed due to the Coronavirus (like Riverdale and Netflix’s You) or concluded with their series finals earlier in the year (like How To Get Away With Murder). It’s worth noting that the new original HBO Max “The Flight Attendant” which may work very well to scratch that itch. But there is another drama about the dark, dark crime that has been off the radar of most audiences for some time now. This offer is of course taking place outside the curriculum. Extracurricular is a Korean crime drama, or K-series as it is sometimes called. It is a Netflix original that aired in April of 2020.

Release date: extracurricular season 2

Netflix did not renew the curriculum for a second season. This is probably due to the fact that the show did not find a large enough audience to be renewed. This is a dilemma that many other programs have fallen victim to despite being well received by the audience, some notable examples being The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or the Santa Clarita Diet. But hope is not lost, last-minute replenishment is always possible as long as the fan base is strong enough to warrant it. Although there is no news of the renewal, as mentioned before. There was also no official announcement confirming the series’ cancellation.

Cast: Extracurricular Season 2

There were no announcements about the future of the show as it was shared by Netflix or the makers of the show. Hence, it is difficult to confirm the addition of new staff members in the second season of extracurricular. Here’s the main cast for at least one season:

  1. Kim Dong-Hee as Oh Ji Soo
  2. Park Joo Hyun as Bae Gyuri
  3. Da Bin Jong as Seo Minhee
  4. Nam Yeon-soo as Kwak Kitai
  5. Min-Soo Choi as Mr. Lee
  6. Hyuk-Kwon Park as Cho Jinwoo

Plot: Extracurricular Season 2

The end of the first season of extracurricular is open for interpretation. On the one hand, it is possible that the two main leaders have fled to France. This is supported by the fact that a French song is playing at the end of the show. Alternatively, Oh Ji and Bae could simply disappear. No matter what camp you are in, it is accepted that the season ended in a very satisfying way. Protagonist Oh Ji made a lot of difficult decisions in the first season, and in the end, he faced the consequences. I’m sure the excellent writers behind this show will find a very smart way to move forward with the story if that happened.

Story: Extracurricular Season 2

Extracurricular is about a high school student who takes a life of crime in order to earn money and survive. Then one day, while juggling these two high school dual processes with crime, one of Oh Ji’s classmates discovered his dark secret and began to blackmail him. This other fellow is being Gyori. Over the course of the show, Gyuri causes a chain of events that lead to Oh Ji losing all the money he earned in his second life. It left him in a very difficult position as to how to continue his life. Feeling sorry, help Gyori Oh-ji recoup the money she lost by partnering with him. They both fall on a dark and dangerous path that leads them through some risky situations. To see how they navigate this dangerous underworld, you can check out Season 1 of Extracurricular currently airing on Netflix. Perhaps with more views, season two might not be far from the end.

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