Download WhatsApp Mod Apk v12.70 Latest Version (Hide blue tick and typing) For Android

Download WhatsApp Mod Apk Latest Version (Hide blue tick and typing) For Android

WhatsApp Mod Apk, In ancient times, internet usage was minimal, and most people didn’t even know how to use the internet to take advantage of it. But the Internet was rising like a missile, and with the increase in internet usage, many services were discovered. However, before the internet age, people mostly used to communicate with each other through voice calls, but the internet changed the whole calling game. Nowadays, many social media applications have been developed for smartphones and other devices. With all these social media apps, text messaging is very trendy. But despite other services like VOIP, internet calling is also popular today. Apart from that, the social media messaging app has also appeared in the smartphone market.

The app is Whatsapp. I am sure everyone reading this article is using Whatsapp for employee messaging tasks online. However, Whatsapp development is done by WhatsApp Inc, and this app was released in 2009. But within a year, this app has become very popular and pose a huge threat to other social media apps. Facebook was so attracted to Whatsapp so deeply that its owner Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook investors bought it for $ 16 billion in 2010. It makes Whatsapp the most expensive company sold so far. However, $ 16 billion has been split into two parts, $ 4 billion in cash and another $ 12 billion in cash. Facebook shares. It is interesting.

As we have already discussed, everyone uses Whatsapp. So there is no doubt that this app is the Editors’ Choice on Google Play Store. There are many features that make Whatsapp a choice for editors and some of the best online messaging apps for Android devices. In this article, we will be discussing WhatsApp in detail, and you will be amazed to see some of the features of Whatsapp mod. Whatsapp is a communication app that works on the Internet. However, many business owners use this app as well.

Details of Whatsapp Mod Apk

NameWhatsapp Mod APK
Size28 Mb
Google Play Linkcom.WhatsappInc
Mod Features– hide blue tick, hide typing, send messages to blocked ones
Latest Update02-Dec-2020

User experience for WhatsApp Mod Apk

There is no doubt that the user experience of Whatsapp mod apk is impressive. There are already over 5 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. However, aside from messaging, there are other great features which we will discuss in more detail in this article. So this app works on your mobile phone number, so to use this app, you must have a working SIM card.

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll see a welcome screen and a text box asking to enter the mobile phone number. When you provide your mobile number and click Continue, you will see different sections for Chats, Calls, and Status. So if someone has your WhatsApp phone number, you can send them a message. This is the case with others. But if somehow you don’t like an unknown person sending you a message, you can block them in an instant. So privacy is also kept in high priority. However, in Whatsapp Terms and Conditions it is stated that Facebook will use your WhatsApp data for advertising purpose only. And if you are a business owner, you can also use WhatsApp Business, but it is a different application to be discussed later.

So through messaging, you can also make calls to your contacts. As today, nobody recharges with Talktime credit; Instead, everyone recharges internet packages. So you can make voice calls as well as video calls to your friends and contacts with this apk file. Also, you can share your thoughts with your WhatsApp contacts through status updates. And you can also send pictures, files, applications, audio, etc.on the Internet with the help of Whatsapp mod apk.

WhatsApp Graphics Mod Apk

Since this is just a communication app, there is not much to discuss the graphics quality of Whatsapp mod apk. But responsiveness is a critical factor while using this app. So from every WhatsApp user’s point of view, the response of the WhatsApp user is very good and the user interface is also very comfortable. Its options and buttons are easy to find and use. But the only problem you might encounter is during video calls. Sometimes video calls don’t provide better video quality. This could be due to poor internet connection from any user.

Features of WhatsApp Mod Apk

  • Hide the blue tick

Whatsapp has an excellent feature that tells us whether the recipient has seen your message or not. Sometimes we do not want to reply, but due to this feature of this blue tick, the sender may feel a little uncomfortable when they do not receive a response. So with our mod apk, you can hide this blue hash option even if you receive a message whose sender will think you haven’t read it yet.

  • Hide writing

While chatting, it gets confusing on both sides when you don’t have anything to send as the writing still appears on the recipient side. So in this mod apk file, you can hide your writing mode so that you can write and send messages safely when you want.

  • Send messages to banned persons

With this Whatsapp Mod Apk, you can send messages to the person who has blocked you, so you definitely don’t have to worry about that either.

Steps to download and install the Mod APK

WhatsApp Mod Apk in Android

  1. Firstly, download WhatsApp Mod Apk from the download link.
  2. You will then be redirected to our Telegram channel. Download the apk file from there.
  3. Install WhatsApp Mod Apk by allowing Unknown Sources in your Android device.
  4. Open WhatsApp Mod apk.
  5. You have the entire APK on your device.


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