The Netflix original Messiah became the talk of the town even before it appeared on the screens. The trailer for the first season itself was charming and interesting. It was released on December 3, 2019. Viewers were eagerly waiting for the release of the entire season. Finally premiered on January 1, 2020.

Overnight, the first season was a huge hit among fans. Her hypothesis and crew were appreciated. But the series’ narration has been criticized for being boring and bland. The series was also received negatively by Muslim viewers. Besides, the Royal Film Commission of Jordan requested Netflix not to broadcast it in Jordan.

But aside from all of that, the chain is fairly square. It consisted of 10 episodes. The duration of each episode ranged from 38 to 55 minutes. Michael Petroni is the creator of the show.

Messiah Season 2: Release Date

There was hope among the fans for the renewal of the second season of Messiah. But they were deeply saddened that Netflix canceled the series. On March 26, 2020, Netflix canceled Christ after the first season. Fans still hope that the second season of Messiah will be picked up by some other internet streaming network. Until then, all episodes of Messiah’s first season are airing on Netflix.

Messiah Season 2: Cast

Season 2 of Christ has also been canceled. There was no confirmation on the cast. The previous season’s first cast includes:

  1. Mehdi Dahabi played the character of Christ
  2. Tomer Sisley played the character Aviram Dahan
  3. Michelle Monaghan played the character of CIA case officer Eva Geller
  4. John Ortiz played the character Felix Iguero
  5. Melinda Page Hamilton played the character of Anna Iguero
  6. Stefania Lavie Owen played the role of Rebecca Iguero
  7. Jane Adams played the character, Miriam Kinali
  8. Mr. Alami played the character Gabriel Medina

Christ Season 2: Plot

The introduction to the show is about a man who made his debut in the Middle East. It brings together a group of followers who consider it the return of Jesus (Jesus). The man’s sudden popularity and the miracles that happen around him are giving rise to an international following. Doubts are growing among the western world. An investigation case is opened by the CIA officer.

Since the show did not end in cliffhanger, not much can be said about Season 2. Even the season renewal has yet to be confirmed. The sure news is the cancellation of the second season of Christ. If the show is picked up by some other broadcast network, it might delve more deeply into Jesus’ return.


The story of the Messiah includes the first season of the return of Jesus (Jesus), as previously mentioned in the Bible and the Qur’an. The man’s unexpected appearance, like the return of Jesus, sparked international outrage.

A CIA officer was in charge of the investigation. The man, who is said to be Jesus, also gathered a large number of people, resulting in a general upheaval. The officer embarked on a precarious international mission. It is heading towards the true identity of the alleged Christ. Whether he’s what he’s saying or just a disingenuous artist. Christ questions the fine lines between religion and politics …

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