“Gravity Falls” Season 3: Read further to know about the Release Date, Cast, and a lot more!

“Gravity Falls” Season 3: Release Date, Cast and a lot more!

If we had to make a list of the best animated shows, Disney’s Gravity Falls would definitely take a place in the top three. The series tells the story of twelve-year-old twins named Mabel and Debre Pines, who visit the unusual town of Gravity Falls. Soon after its first season 1 release, the show became extremely popular and established its own loyal fan base. Here are all the interesting details for the upcoming season.

“Gravity Falls” – Season 3: release date

The final episode of “Gravity Falls” – Season 2 aired in February roughly four years ago. Alex, the creator of the show, stated that he did not want the story to be extended because he was satisfied with how the ending ended. We share Alex’s same views on the perfect ending, but being a fan of the show, we’re definitely craving more. Unfortunately, we don’t have any clues about another season’s release. However, Alex always keeps some hints about season three of “Gravity Falls” so hopes for the same are still somewhat alive.

Gravity Falls, season three

Since we don’t have any notice about another season’s release of the show, we can’t really say much about the cast. However, the thing about the animated series is that the audience establishes a connection with the characters’ voices. So, if the writers are considering bringing back “Gravity Falls,” they can also bring in the original cast of the show that was

  1. Dipper Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter)
  2. Maple Pines (voiced by Kristen Schall)
  3. Grankel Stan (voiced by Alex Hirsch)
  4. Sus Ramirez (voice of Alex Hirsch)
  5. Wendy Cordore (voice of Linda Cardellini)

-Storyline “Gravity Falls”

The story begins with the introduction of two of his 12-year-old cousins ​​who live in California and decide to spend their summer vacation in “Gravity Falls”. This small town looks peaceful, but don’t be fooled by its attractive appearance. Mabel and Dipper discover that there is more to the story and that the city is full of supernatural elements. At first, they thought the trip would be a waste of their holidays. But the Dipper finds a magazine in the woods that reveals some dark secrets about the city. What happens next is an inescapable episode of supernatural riddles and riddles that children are trying to solve.

Gravity Falls – reasons to watch!

Undoubtedly, it’s the strangest, funniest, and most casual Disney production yet. The show has gained popularity for multiple reasons. One of them was its unique firing pattern. Unlike the usual pattern in which the entire series is released once, the show premiered one episode at a time causing the audience to yearn for more. Also, the sound and graphic artists are well appreciated and applauded by critics and viewers alike.

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