When the writer of the light novel, Cuomo Caggio, started writing Goblin Slayer, he must have thought about making it the best. And so proved, the first season of anime which is a manga adaptation of this novel based on the creation of history. Otakus and viewers went to the top to rate it and make it a hit all over the world. The second season is still suspended for the past two years. Here’s what can make you feel a little better.

Goblin Slayer Season 2: Release Date

When the first season ended in February 2020, there were rumors about the anime being canceled because it completed the entire story, but buckle up because we are still going on tour with Goblin Slayer. Words stopped when Season 2 got a renewal in the same year, but we are all aware of the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, so the release date is still inaccurate. We do not have any update on whether or not the anime is in production or when it will start.

Goblin Slayer Season Two: Characters and Voice

Our favorite characters will return, and of course there will be no more goblins and just our heroes. The voice cast is probably the same because a change in voice kills the fun.

  1. Half-Elf Archer got its Japanese voice from Nao Toyama and the English voice from Mallorie Rodak.
  2. The Japanese dwarf shaman’s voice is composed by Yuichi Nakamura while his voice in English is by Barry Yandel.
  3. Goblin Slayer got his voice from Yuichiro Umehara and Brad Hawkins for the Japanese and English version of the anime respectively.
  4. Lizard Priest has the voice of Tomokazu Sugita for the Japanese version and Josh Bangle for the English version.
  5. Spearman has Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voice for Japanese and Kyle Ignitzi voice for English.
  6. Priestess is voiced in Japanese as Yui Ogura by Hayden Daviau and in English.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 : Plot

After defeating the mighty Goblin Warlord in Season 1, many wondered if there would be a second installment for Goblin Slayer. The story seemed to contain whole things from beginning to end. However, Season 2 might tell us who Goblin Slayer is. Like his origins, pasts and most curious things his real name. No one would name his child like this, and our hero must have taken this name for himself. Do you have any guesses?

Goblin Slayer Season 2: Story

Taking a flashback, our hero is someone known to be a skilled goblin fighter and called Goblin Slayer. He saved a priestess when she was nearly defeated by goblins in a fight and her team abandoned her. Later on, he, along with his other friends who have the same ideology as A World Without Goblins, form a guild and fight goblins. As they try to fulfill their dream, they should be able to protect the priestess from dangers as well.

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