The National Identity Authority (NIDA) is a public organization with the mandate to register and issue national identity cards that are secured to citizens, legal residents, and refugees 18 years of age and over.

The National Identity Authority (NIDA) conducts exercises to identify and register citizens, legal residents and refugees and maintain a national identity database for purposes of enhancing the security and socio-economic development of the country.
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NIDA as a trusted entity shares people’s information with different stakeholders through various methods including NIDA Shared Interface Portal, National Identity Verification Portal, Offline Verification System (National ID Verification System), etc.

NIDA also manages the National Identity Database. The data stored in the NIDA database is permission
NIDA stakeholders share an example. Banks and social security funds for customer identification processes.

This portal is to retrieve information from the national identity database.
The intended users are
A) NIDA stakeholders
B) The holder of the national card.

Who uses this portal to set a PIN code that must be used to disclose his information when needed.

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